20 Funny Animal Snapchats That Deserve A Prize For Comedy.

20 Funny Animal Snapchats That Deserve A Prize For Comedy. January 21, 2019

When using Snapchat, people often like to send mini-clips or photos of their day to friends. Usually, the appropriate time to record a snap is when something funny or out of the ordinary happens. But of course, the snap is only significant if you have the right caption to go with it. Some of the best snaps on Snapchat are the ones of animals. These animals are literally winning at Snapchat. Check out some of the best and funniest ones below.Even animals need a little ego booster from time to time.

Or maybe he does know but decided to be a good boy anyways. That’s a good dog!

But just look at how nice and peaceful that cow looks!

I wish I could carelessly spend my days like this rat does.

Now I have a sudden urge to eat a watermelon.

Too bad creatures like these only exist in fiction.

He might need to practice in the mirror with his face poses though.

“What? No, I am not Kenny. I don’t even know Kenny. Trust me. I am… Bob, you can feed Bob, right?”

You’re kitty-sitting! What’s more important than that?

The cats are summoning more cats into our world! Quick, run for your lives!

If it’s any bit flimsy or not solid, it’ll more than likely be ruined.

I would be just as confused, little guy.

But the real question is: does that pillow have a tether on it to prevent it from falling?

Two days from now that cat’s gonna be terrorizing a major city.

Which means they’ll do whatever they can do to get their time with you.

But how can I possibly be mad at a face like that?

She looks fed up, exhausted, and frustrated all at the same time.

So is this cat a vegan cat or something?

This is the perfect dog to bring on a camping trip.

I wonder what inspired her to create the marionette of herself.