Answer These Difficult Math Problems To Win 3.14 Years Of Pizza For Pi Day.

Answer These Difficult Math Problems To Win 3.14 Years Of Pizza For Pi Day. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Today is March 14. Written with numbers alone, it’s 3/14. Replace the slash with a period, and it’s 3.14. Recognize where we’re going with this? That’s right: It’s National Pi Day, and this incredible offer in honor of the number of the never ends will have you thinking, breathing, and hopefully eating pi…or rather, pie. Pizza Hut is offering 3.14 years of free pizza pies if you can solve these insanely tough math equations, all revolving around pi. Put your thinking cap on and check out the equations below — may your math skills and the power of pepperoni be with you.

**OPTION A:** I’m thinking of a ten-digit integer whose digits are all distinct. It happens that the number formed by the first n of them is divisible by n for each n from 1 to 10. What is my number? **OPTION B:** Our school’s puzzle-club meets in one of the schoolrooms every Friday after school. Last Friday, one of the members said, “I’ve hidden a list of numbers in this envelope that add up to the number of this room.” A girl said, “That’s obviously not enough information to determine the number of the room. If you told us the number of numbers in the envelope and their product, would that be enough to work them all out?” He (after scribbling for some time): “No.” She (after scribbling for some more time): “well, at least I’ve worked out their product.” What is the number of the school room we meet in?” **OPTION C:** My key-rings are metal circles of diameter about two inches. They are all linked together in a strange jumble, so that try as I might, I can’t tell any pair from any other pair. However, I can tell some triple from other triples, even though I’ve never been able to distinguish left from right. What are the possible numbers of key-rings in this jumble?

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