Psychology Says Arguing Couples Have The Happiest Relationships.

Psychology Says Arguing Couples Have The Happiest Relationships. June 21, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, arguments can help bring two people in a relationship even closer to each other. In the heat of it all, yes, it can be pretty overwhelming. Words that cannot be taken back will be said. Voices will be raised. Tears may even shed. However, it’s the ability to put your differences aside to come to a solution that will ultimately strengthen the relationship. Bottling everything up will only lead to an inevitable explosion. In order to make a relationship work, both individuals have to speak their mind — even if it’s likely to start a fight. Here’s a few reasons why.Debates and opposite perspectives will ultimately teach the couple to value each other’s opinions.

Problems can be solved without all the physical aggressions and insults. By learning how to discuss with respect, the couple is also developing patience and tolerance at the same time.

Disagreements within a relationship are inevitable. However, learning how to overcome each one will strengthen the union as a couple immensely. The bigger the disagreement, the more you’ll gain if it’s resolved.

Couples who are still in the early stages of their relationship tend to not argue because they’re infatuated with each other and tend to hold back. Bottling everything up and ignoring problems will only harm the relationship long term.

Communication is key in every type of relationship, especially in romantic ones. Withholding information simply because of fear of what the other person will think is unhealthy and ultimately setting the relationship up for insecurities and failure.

By communicating with each other, both people can work together to compromise and find a solution that both are happy with. No progress will be made if only one person is listening or worse neither. Both people need to listen.

In a study by the University of Michigan, it was discovered that 46% of couples who ended up divorcing were the ones who avoided confrontation. Without communication, there is only conflict. Couples need to argue to actually get out what needs to be said, otherwise neither parties will ever be at peace.

Fighting in a relationship creates passion. It sparks it up. The fiercer and crazier the fight, the bigger the reward at the end if it gets resolved. Without arguments, a relationship is basically passionless.

Nobody wants to date someone they think is on a higher or lower level than them. Challenge each other. If you can keep up with one another, you’ll realize you’re equal in smarts.

In a verbal fight between two individuals, a variety of ideas and thought processes are thrown around. The more two people in a relationship fight, the more they see into and understand each other’s insights.

No matter who the fight is between, it’ll always make the participants grow together. So long as the fight is eventually resolved, a couple would grow together from this and advance even further into their relationship.

When you argue with your partner, you start to understand them more and where they stand on certain issues. Learning more about your significant other will ultimately bring you two closer.

As long as there is no physical or emotional abuse, constructive fighting can strengthen a relationship greatly. Fighting often and getting through it each time will build trust between the two.

After all, you’re letting everything out. You’re letting off steam, releasing all the tension and getting everything off your chest. Nothing feels better than finally being relieved of all that stress.

When you argue, you’re given the opportunity to fully express yourself. Although fighting can bring out the worst in people, it can also bring out the best once it’s worked through. In this arguing process, two people in a relationship can learn about the good, the bad and the ugly of each other.

Although he or she may be able to sometimes, he or she won’t be able to do it all the time. You have to voice your thoughts out loud. Yes, relationships are about two people “becoming one.” But at the end of the day, there are two separate individuals with two different minds.

By hashing it out and getting into more discussions, you will grow your patience for each other. You’ll begin to realize and focus on what’s most important.

Don’t waste time and effort into trying to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship where arguments don’t exist. Arguing shows that you’re in a bad mood, tired or stressed out sometimes, and that’s okay.

Being capable of saying whatever is on your mind to each other in a constructive way, no matter the topic, means that even the worst of arguments won’t ever pull you apart from each other. Walking on eggshells won’t get a relationship anywhere. Diving into it headfirst will.

Standing up to one another becomes easier. Being in a relationship with someone who is complacent or is too scared to speak their mind won’t work out in the long run. By arguing, you’re constantly testing the strength in your relationship.

A relationship where both people always agree and never have differing opinions will become dull and inactive. Without fighting, there’s no passion.

This doesn’t mean you need to argue 24/7 to keep the relationship alive. Even debates will spice up the relationship every once in awhile. What’s more entertaining than constantly challenging each other?

You’ve got to admit that makeup sex can be one of the most passionate forms of sex. Argue the hell out of each other. Yell, scream, shout, get it all out. The next thing you know, clothes will start flying off into the air.

The conversation will be tedious and sometimes even carry out for days. But nothing’s better than the bittersweet ending of it all when everything finally returns back to normal or even better than before!