People Are Tattooing Their Armpits, And It’s Painfully Beautiful.

People Are Tattooing Their Armpits, And It’s Painfully Beautiful. July 3, 2019

Tattoos are increasingly becoming popular and acceptable in today’s generation. For many, tattoos are used to symbolize something personally meaningful. For others, tattoos are solely used to decorate the body. Whatever the case, people have become more creative with their tattoo placements. One particular tattoo placement that is trending today is the armpit. Your initial response may be to cringe but don’t fully rule the idea out until after you see the photos below. You’ll be surprised at how lovely and creative some of these turned out.According to those who have tattoos, once you start, you can’t stop. The more you get tattooed, the weirder your desires may get.

Once upon a time, tattoos were used to decorate the body and protect it from evil spirits.

However, as centuries have passed, majority of the people today get themselves tattooed more so for the decorative purposes.

Tattoos are definitely not for those who have a low tolerance to pain or faint of the heart. Nonetheless, there’s been a growing number of brave souls getting tattoos in a particular body part.

Believe it or not, one of the latest trends in the tattoo industry in armpit tattoos — as in that oh so tender spot right in between where your body and arm connects.

For most of us, the only time we see our underarms is when we apply deodorant but others have been decorating their armpits with tattoos.

You would think that the armpit is an area only experienced people would get inked in. Ironically, a lot of newcomers to the tattoo culture start at this area of the body.

It’s incredibly strange as armpits are generally not an easy spot to get tattooed. In fact, armpits are known as one of the most painful parts on the body to get a tattoo.

But apparently pain isn’t an issue for these people. They want their armpits to be presentable and will go to lengths to make it so, especially women.

Instagram has recently been filled with new armpit tattoos. Although it may leave some people cringing from secondhand pain, the tattoos have left others inspired.

If you search for the hashtag “#armpittattoos” on Instagram, you’ll see thousands of results.

Although there’s been a variety of armpit tattoos, the most common ones are of flowers, animals and some abstractions.

Despite the new recent spike, armpit tattoos have been around for awhile. Sometimes, individuals with have ribcage tattoos that extend upwards toward the armpit region.

It’s also common to see someone with a sleeve that’s extended towards the armpit area as well.

Nonetheless, today’s trend is having the tattoo located directly in the center of the armpit.

Many professional tattoo artists have said that the armpit is a very sensitive spot to get tattooed. And the armpit is actually more painful for men than women.

Because females tend to shave and/or wax their armpits, their armpits are gradually getting desensitized. The underarm area tends to be more painful for men because they don’t shave there as often.

Sorry fellas, this one might hurt a little more than anticipated. But no pain, no gain right?

An armpit tattoo can easily be cute, silly and fun. It also makes for a great conversation starter. That is, of course, if it’s exposed.

Despite the armpit being one of the most painful spots to get inked in, a tattoo in that location will still allow for a person to shave there as they normally would (after it heals of course).