These 21 Powerful Photos Of Kitchens Around The World Will Touch You.

These 21 Powerful Photos Of Kitchens Around The World Will Touch You. February 22, 2018

“”” The place I like best in this world is the kitchen. No matter where it is, no matter what kind, if it’s a kitchen, if it’s a place where they make food, it’s fine with me. Ideally it should be well broken in. Lots of tea towels, dry and immaculate. White tile catching the light (ting! ting!). I love even incredibly dirty kitchens to distraction-vegetable droppings all over the floor, so dirty your slippers turn black on the bottom. Strangely, it’s better if this kind of kitchen is large. I lean up against the silver door of a towering, giant refrigerator stocked with enough food to get through a winter. When I raise my eyes from the oil-spattered gas burner and the rusty kitchen knife, outside the window stars are glittering, lonely. Now only the kitchen and I are left. It’s just a little nicer than being all alone. –Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen “”” For people who love to cook, the kitchen is the heart of the home and a source of comfort. From kitchens come those heavenly aromas that we’ve long associated with our favorite foods and baked goods. Rosemary garlic potatoes, simple roast turkey, and cinnamon rolls, to name a few. Browse through these intimate photos of kitchens from around the world. They might look different from your own, but they’re all characteristic spaces in which people make food to feed their families, serve others, or even transform it for other purposes. Just a heads up, these images won’t be a glamorous look at kitchens, but rather a more honest look at people operating in their everyday lives.