Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction.

Artist Dropped 15,000 Coins On A Street, Then Filmed People’s Reaction. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Recently AirBnb host Jamahl McMurran and his guest, artist Lana Mesic, tried a cool human experiment. Lana had 15,000 coins that she had used on a previous project and she didn’t know what to do with them. So they decided to put them on a sidewalk near a canal and see how people would react when they came across the pile. There were 15,000 coins in total and each one was a 2 pound coin. Since a 2 pound coin is worth $2.60, the overall total of the pile was a whopping $39,000. Watch and see how people reacted when they came upon this small fortune unexpectedly!Jamahl McMurran, AirBnB host, and his guest Lana Mesic tried a new human experiment. Lana needed to do something with the coins she had used in a previous project.

So they placed them on a sidewalk near a canal and watched the results from a distance. They called the experiment Coins by the Canal.

They live tweeted the results as people came by. It was interesting to see what they would do when they came across $39,000.

The pile contained 15,000 coins. Each was a 2 pound coin making the overall total of the pile a good fortune. Most had no idea what to do when they came across it.

They found that most people just wanted to play with the pile. A lot of others took photos, but overall nobody messed with it.

This little kid decided to fill up his bag. It wasn’t that big but the weight was almost too much for him to handle.

Plenty of people just stopped and looked at it. A lot of people stooped down and played with the money for a few minutes before moving on.

This gentleman stopped and laid his umbrella down on top of the pile of money. He then snapped a photo before grabbing the umbrella and moving on.

One gentleman riding a bike grabbed some of the loose change and headed on with his business. Maybe he was going to use it for the subway to speed up his trips.

Some people took a few coins and put them in their pockets. Maybe storing up for the next morning’s coffee?

This guy had obviously never seen anything like it before. He took a pile of coins and let them fall over his head. Everyone has their own idea of fun!

Overall the experiment was a success and a lot of fun was had by all. That is, until these guys showed up…

Everything came to an end when they came upon the scene. They worked quickly, but the whole thing was witnessed and caught on tape.

Spoiling the fun is one way of putting it. Within minutes, they had all of the money packed up.

Just like that the experiment was over. The thieves bagged up every coin and took off.

That was the end of the experiment. They have the video evidence to chase the men down. They should go to the local police and catch the men that spoiled the fun for everyone.

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