Artist Imagined Brilliant Quick Endings For Disney Movies.

Artist Imagined Brilliant Quick Endings For Disney Movies. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Disney animated films are filled with music, song, dance, and a moral lesson thrown in there for good measure. Although, children and adults alike have noticed how some of the beloved characters sometimes seem to lose common sense when it comes to resolving a problem in their lives. Illustrator Paul Westover has taken the artistic liberty to address the obvious shortcomings of these personalities.It was no surprise to the pride that uncle Mustafa was pretty upset for not being next in line to be king. If Simba had only spoken up then he wouldn’t have needed to go live in exile.

Mulan had to hide the fact that she was a girl to her friends and colleagues. Yet, when the truth was actually revealed all the guys remembered what a skilled warrior she was, hence, no hard feelings.

If only Prince Charming had actually looked at Cinderella’s face he could have toured the kingdom to find his love after the party was over. Or better yet, Cinderella could have given her name and address to him.

Ariel was able to sign her name on the contract the evil witch-octopus Ursula gave her. Why couldn’t she use those writing skills on dry land?

If you think about it Aladdin was pretty selfish and self-absorbed. He thought that by coming off as a rich royal, Jasmine would fall at his feet. Not to mention that he was ok with Genie being his slave-servant.

Snow White was living among a mine of jewels, literally. Everyone knows that money speaks and she would have had her kingdom if she just bought everyone off.

Belle chose love with a human over living in an enchanted castle. Now that’s a pretty unrealistic plot if we ever saw one.

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