Australian Koala Bear Escapes From The Heat In Man’s Car.

Australian Koala Bear Escapes From The Heat In Man’s Car. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

At the present time, Australia is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave. Sadly, the heatwave has not only caused an incredible number of blackouts, but it’s also caused the asphalt roads to actually melt! While humans can attempt to escape the heat by going inside and turning on the air conditioning, other creatures aren’t so lucky, which is why so many of them are looking for shade wherever they can find it.More often than not, Tim brings his dog with him, so while he’s in the vineyard, he tends to leave the car doors open for his dog. One day, though, when he went to check on his dog, he noticed that his canine companion had made a new friend! When he returned to the car, which was nice and cool from the A/C being left on, there was a small koala bear hanging out in the back seat!

After snapping a few pictures, Tim was able to get the koala out of the car using some cold water from his bottle and a little bit of prodding. Grateful that the koala only left claw marks on the seat of his car, Tim said goodbye to the koala, who walked eventually ventured off onto his next adventure!

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