Australian Woman’s Foot-Long Spider Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl.

Australian Woman’s Foot-Long Spider Infestation Will Make Your Skin Crawl. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Most of us read “Charlotte’s Web” when we were kids and we were cool with spiders at the time. Some of us even liked and still like “Spiderman” because he’s a badass web-slinger. But when does that arachnophobia kick in? Uh, probably when you find a huge freaking spider in your letter box and a nest of thousands of her children. That’s when any fuzzy feelings you had for spiders go out the door and you start screaming in terror. Then, after you’ve successfully managed to calm yourself, you run outside where it’s safe and you call a pest control expert to get rid of your creepy crawly dilemma.All they care about is that the conditions are ideal and safe so that they can lay their eggs. It can be inside a letterbox or the wall of someone’s home.

So clearly it could have been pretty difficult for the homeowners to grab a can of RAID and spray the nest when it’s safely high above.

But the homeowners weren’t willing to leave their home, so they sought out help in getting rid of this menace.

When he walked in and discovered the next, he was stunned. It was quite possibly the worst infestation he’d seen in his entire career, and he’s been doing this for 16 years.

In fact, some pests can sneak up on you, and if a horde of these creatures comes at you, they can actually kill you!

First, the tiny spiders scattered when he shines his flashlight on the nest, but there are hundreds upon hundreds of them.

She was as huge as the nest itself, and it would have understandably terrified even the most experienced pest control experts, but Noel was fearless.

But all those tiny arachnids aren’t nearly as intimidating as that of an almost foot-long mother spider that’s hovering above him.

Instead, he carries on with his job, his mission, his calling, and he’s as cool as a polar bear’s toenail, because most hunters know that fear can get you hurt or killed.

But he warns anyone that if they’re squeamish or downright horrified of spiders, then they shouldn’t press play.

Noel claims that while their size is considerably menacing, their bites aren’t poisonous, but it might hurt like hell.

But you probably didn’t know that they had the ability to feel the vibrations you make as you walk. So when you see one and you scream, you might notice them reacting, but that’s probably because they’re as afraid of you as you are of them.

Australia is known for its Sydney funnels and red back spiders, both of which you’d probably want to stay as far away from as possible.

Unfortunately, as the owner of Auswise Pest Control in Acacia Ridge, near Brisbane, he had to deal with eight-legged monsters that the rest of us refuse to share a room with.

In fact, the video notched up more than 56,000 views in just a few short hours, and he described the huntsman’s nest as an interesting find.

Noel then wrote on the Facebook post that he was “able to get in close and blew them a kiss”. That’s probably right before he snuffed them out.

It sort of makes everything you moan and complain about at the work seem totally irrelevant when compared to this swarm of spiders.

But what she found was something worse. It was a terrifying huntsman spider and hundreds, perhaps thousands of her babies crawling inside.

Natasha claimed that the hairy beasts are misunderstood insects, and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt them, but she certainly wasn’t thrilled that they were in her letterbox.

It certainly wasn’t in the mood to move out of the letterbox in a hurry, at least, not until she laid all of her eggs.

Now most people would have been horrified, but Natasha was actually overjoyed when she found this nest of huntsman spiders.

But Natasha didn’t do that. She was more than happy to allow the mother spider to stay in her letterbox until her babies were born.

Local kids in the area began visiting the house, particularly the letterbox as if the whole thing were nature’s exhibit in a science contest.

When the eggs hatched, there were at least two hundred of them according to Natasha and everyone was incredibly excited about it.

While the mother spider, which Natasha’s nephew dubbed Hortense, gets aggressive when she open the letterbox, Natasha points out that for the most part, pests like the huntsman often move on by themselves in a few days.

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