Austrian Boy Sailing On The Danube River Finds $100K In Cash.

Austrian Boy Sailing On The Danube River Finds $100K In Cash. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

It’s an exciting fact that you truly never know when a bit of lucky fortune will fall into your lap. Some people find breathtaking works of art hidden inside the walls of their home, and other people find ancient Roman coins buried in their backyard. You really never know when you’re going to stumble across some good luck, and these people are definitely proof of that.The Danube is so long that it actually cuts through ten various countries. In fact, the Danube cuts right through Vienna, the capital city of Austria. This young boy was fishing along this infamous river when he realized that there was more to be found in the water than just the fish.

This picturesque journey was one that the father and son duo had taken plenty of times before. Luckily, the weather that day was ideal for a pleasant day of bonding on the water.

They cruised along the water, making sure to wave to other boats as they passed them by. The pair had only been sailing for a short amount of time when the boy asked his father to slow down a bit. Close by, something strange was floating in the water.

The objects may have been strange, but they could tell that they were indeed tiny scraps of paper. But there wasn’t anyone around them, so how did little pieces of paper end up in the river?

As he began to get closer, the boy realized that there must have been hundreds of rectangular pieces of paper in the water. As soon as the boy was able to get his hands on one, he looked down and screamed for his dad.

There, right in front of them in the Danube River, was a bunch of cold hard cash. Once the boy finished picking up all of the money, his father got out his phone to make an important call.

The police, who arrived at the scene in no time at all, were shocked to see what the boy had discovered. This wasn’t just a few dollars, after all. The boy had found an unbelievable amount of money in the river, so what was going to happen next?

According to Austrian law, if someone finds money and turns it into the proper authorities, then they’re entitled to five and ten percent of the total amount found. Of course, that all depends on whether or not the money is linked to illegal operations.

Luckily, the money wasn’t linked to any kind of illegal activity, so once the money was dried out and counted at the police station, the boy and his dad were given their fair share: a cool $11,500!

In fact, it happens a lot more than you think. A resident of Florida, Robby Robinson, was definitely hanging out with Lady Luck in February of 2018!

One afternoon, while he was on his way to a client’s house, he saw something strange on the side of the road. Robby pulled over and realized that it was a bag, so he decided to take a little peek at its contents.

Inside of the bag were stacks upon stacks of money! Along with the money was a bank receipt that had the address of the bank where the money was taken from. Without thinking twice, Robby got back into his vehicle and drove to the bank.

Considering that most people would have just kept the money and never talked about it again, the teller was surprised at Robby’s honesty. Hoping that the rightful owner would recognize the bag, Robby took a picture of the bag he found and posted it on Facebook.

That large bag of money belonged to him, and he had been freaking out about it ever since he had lost it. Finally, the money was back with its rightful owner and both men were able to rest easy that night.

You’re about to realize that people lose money way more often than you think. Say hello to Joe Cornell from Fresno, California! Joe was doing what he normally did on a typical day, in 2014, when all of a sudden, something surprised him.

Parked right in front of the bank was a large armored Brinks truck. There were police officers loading up stacks of cash into the back of the truck. Seems normal, right? Joe thought so too, until he noticed something strange.

Apparently, the officers neglected to put the final bag onto the truck. Joe just so happened to be the only person around, so he walked over to the bag and looked inside. It was just as Joe suspected. The bag was stuffed full with $125,000!

Joe was trying to get his life back on track and he was currently living at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, attempting to kick a nasty drug habit. Even though his honesty was being tested, Joe had no intention of failing the exam.

The employees at the bank couldn’t believe that such a huge mistake was made by the officers loading the truck. Luckily, the Brinks Company was so grateful for Joe’s honesty that the gave him a prepaid debit card with $5,000 on it!

Joe, Robby Robinson, and the father and son team from Austria all made the right decisions when it came to their findings. But they’re most certainly not the only ones who have ever done so!

Despite the fact that she was living in a shelter, the woman still turned in the money. Immediately, people from all over tried to help this woman out, but she was too embarrassed about being homeless to accept any of the help. Eventually, a trust fund was established for the woman and she was finally able to get off of the streets and move into her own apartment.

Realizing that it had $20,000 inside of it, Bismark ran after the car that had dropped it. Apparently, Leona Wisdom and Gary Elton had just received the money from a finance company for the down payment of a house. Even though the couple offered Bismark a reward and dinner, he refused. He did receive Walmart’s “Integrity in Action” reward from Walmart, though!

When he opened it, he discovered $221,510! With his morals in check, the Ethiopian immigrant returned the money to the cab company’s security desk. An hour later, he was asked to return to the office. Apparently, the man who had lost the money, which he had just won at the casino, wanted to thank Adam for finding his money by giving him a $2,000 tip!

Inside of the pouch was $24,000, but instead of pocketing the cash, Christopher turned it into his manager. Apparently, small business owner, RoseMarie Limoncelli, was watching “Happy Feet” when the pouch, which contained her earnings, fell onto the ground. The young employee was offered a reward, but he refused to take it!

The next time you’re out sailing or walking to your favorite deli, pay attention to your surroundings. You never know when a good deed could help someone out and maybe even put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket.

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