Avril Lavigne ‘Dead’ Conspiracy Is Back, And The Specifics Are Weird.

Avril Lavigne ‘Dead’ Conspiracy Is Back, And The Specifics Are Weird. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Remember those evil Avril Lavigne death conspiracies that started plaguing the pop singer a few years ago? Well, now they’re back, and they’re freakier than ever. It’s like something that came out of a bad *X-Files* meets *Supernatural* storyline, with a bit of *Alias* sprinkled on top. According to the theory, Avril Lavigne was replaced by her body-double, a paparazzi decoy named Melissa Vandella. So where’s the real Avril Lavigne? Well, allegedly, she died way back in 2003, and what we’ve been seeing is nothing but a doppelgänger. Weird, huh?It has nothing to do with the fact that she’s grown as an artist. No, that explanation alone would have been too normal.

According to Givenchyass’s theory, Avril wasn’t coping well to fame so she hired a look-a-like to pose for the paparazzi and that body double was Melissa Vandella.

One night, in the studio, Avril supposedly thought it would be fun to teach Melissa to sing like her. Is that even possible? Well, we’ve seen enough spy shows like “Alias” that suggest that you can sound like anyone and look like anyone, so why not?

But rather than let the world know that the pop star had passed away, breaking millions of hearts, the record label decided to use her look-a-like to continue milking Avril’s success.

Meanwhile, Melissa has become Avril full-time and enjoying the fruits of the original singer’s labor. Stop us when this starts to sound cray-cray. Oh wait! Nevermind. It already does.

But would they stoop so slow as to replace a dead singer with a dead ringer? We suppose that nothing is impossible.

This was recorded by Avril herself before her alleged death. But everything you’ve heard since then is Melissa. Our mind has literally been blown!

Some conspiracy theorists believe that if you look at both of their faces, particularly their jawline, you’ll notice a difference between Avril in 2002 and Melissa in 2014. Conspiracy confirmed? Maybe.

Avril never wore dresses when she walked onto a red carpet, but after her supposed death, she started to. Hm… smells awfully fishy.

There are, apparently, birthmarks or moles on Avril’s arms that are located in different places on Melissa’s arms. Uh, oh! Melissa, sounds like they’re on to you.

Maybe fans should be mourning Avril instead of celebrating the hit single we all fell in love with so many years ago.

It seems appropriate somehow, if you believe the rumors. Allegedly, everything from this song forward was no longer Avril, and the subtle hints of the song might have sparked more interest in this otherwise insane theory.

For one thing, there was the handwriting, which conspiracy theorists had gotten their hands on. It seems that Avril Lavigne’s penmanship before 2003 and her writing today doesn’t match.

It popped up in a blog post in 2011 on a Brazilian website. In the post, it was made clear at the very beginning that it was created to show how conspiracy theories can look true. But when Buzzfeed jokingly shared the conspiracy theory, it spread like wildfire across the globe.

The tweet provided by @givenchyass has over 100,000 retweets and 160,000 favorites, but again, we point out that none of these theories are true, at least that’s what we’re trying to tell ourselves.

But the details behind the conspiracy theory continues to fuel the fires for those who truly want to believe.

Don’t moles and freckles appear out of nowhere, especially when the melanin in our skin is exposed to sunlight? But sure, a doppelganger replacing Avril makes so much more sense.

The Canadian musician should probably feel flattered that people are paying so much attention to this nonsense. Granted, Melisa Vandella does bare a striking resemblance to Avril, but still… come on.

The popular BBC America show is all about clones, some of whom take each other’s place in order to uncover the secret behind the organization that created them. But like the show, Avril’s death hoax sounds like pure science fiction.

Apparently, Avril’s management team hired actress Melissa Vandella to walk around L.A. as Lavigne to divert the paparazzi who made life impossible for the pop singer. It was only after her alleged death that Melissa took on the role full time.

In “The Phantom Menace” and “Attack Of The Clones”, Queen Amidala had her handmaiden Sabe be her decoy to keep herself safe from the forces of evil.

To the average clear minded person, the differences might have been the result of aging, makeup and hairstyle changes, and not a plot to replace Avril with Melissa.

Being photographed is an art, and lighting can make a lot of difference. But you know what else can alter your look, lots and lots of Photoshop, which is not uncommon among celebs.

Do you still look the same way you did when you were in your 20s? The fact that she went from her famous skate-punk look to a classier, femme fatale look proves nothing, except that her taste clearly changed.

Those of us who have to live in the real world know that no one would go through this much trouble to convince people that a dead pop star was alive. Then again, her Canadian accent did vanish after 2003, and she married a member of Nickelback, a band she swore she hated. Hm…

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