16 Cool Inventions You Didn’t Know You Wanted.

16 Cool Inventions You Didn’t Know You Wanted. April 19, 2020

Inventors are always coming up with the latest thing, which eventually becomes obsolete when the next great thing comes along. But have you ever seen something on a commercial, a Fingerhut catalog, or at a store that knocked your socks off. Then you asked yourself why this amazing new thing wasn’t invented long ago. As designers and inventors continue to find ways to improve the quality of our lives, we take a look at this collection of complex inventions that offer us a solution to everyday hassles. But before we do that, let’s try to imagine what life would be like without any inventions.

Yikes. That mental image was awful. Okay, so let’s push that thought out of our minds and enjoy this list.The H20 Ninja mask actually lets you breathe underwater. We’re serious. It’s awesome. Now every girl in the world can get to feel like “The Little Mermaid” and check out what’s under the sea without running out of air.

Who needs a rocking chair when you can have a rocking bed.

We’ve been looking for something like this our whole lives.

Not only does this machine add a cover to keep your shoes safe from the elements like rain, but you also don’t have to worry about things like stepping on a puddle of mud, dog poop, or who knows what else while you’re walking down the street.

If anyone asks how you managed to keep the glass from falling down, you can just wink at them and tell them that the force is with you.

Only you’ll know the truth behind this nifty invention that’s so futuristic.

Now you can head on over to the nearest subway car in Seoul, South Korea.

This allows people to read while they commute to work. Sadly, this probably wouldn’t last a day in places like New York.

This shower curtain lets you stay up-to-date with social media because it contains pockets that keep your electronics safe and dry.

->**If space is really tight because your apartment or home is small, then you should invest in one of these.**<- It's part of the Eve Model collection and is designed to go from a dining table to a shelf quick and easy.

From #diningtable to #shelf in 2 seconds.

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This toilet paper roll contains a barcode so all you need to do is use the supermarket’s app to scan it, and you’ll be able to order some more toilet paper without going to the store.

These light bulbs use 80% less energy than a conventional light bulb, but it will brighten up a room just the same.

You’ll never notice the difference until you check out your light bill and see how much less you have to pay.

This hotel in Odessa, Ukraine changes the carpets, which tell guests what day it is, every day.

The Cipher drinking glass seems to have ESP.

While it remains empty, the designs look like random multi-colored mosaics. But when you pour a specific drink into it, it reveals the type of drink it is, like orange juice, milk, or Coke.

Well, actually, these aren’t paintings at all.

It’s actually a radiator, and when the temperature varies, it will change colors. But boy, does it look like a beautiful abstract painting, or what.

**Do you hate folding clothes.

Because we know that we do, but this machine can change all that.** You simply place each item of clothing into the FoldiMate machine and it will take care of all the folding.

Tired of folding clothes.

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The Starry Light Lamp essentially has holes in it and every time you turn it on, it will project a view of the night sky on the walls.

You’ll also find some thin lines drawn on the surface of the lamp that allow you to get a closer look at the various constellations.

The cord itself is designed to pulse with colors and light intensity to reflect that it’s actually connected and powering something.

This escalator reminds people where they should be standing and where they should be walking.