30 Examples Of Awful Taste But Great Execution.

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How would you like to own a metallic fire minion that’s holding an axe to put in your backyard?

There are some ideas that are tasteful and others that are gaudy and overdone. This list is all about the latter. The items you’re about to see are tacky and tasteless and yet, these designers, architects, and tattoo artists managed to execute them flawlessly. So, you won’t really know whether you want to love these unique ideas or not. One thing is certain; whoever came up with these things will go down in social media history for creating some of the worst ideas ever. They’re so bad, they’re total eyesores, yet they’re surprisingly good all at the same time. Ugh. We really can't make up our minds. Some of you will probably think many of these pieces are true gems! You’ll see what we mean. Just keep scrolling down.Its fire mouth makes it really creepy, but oh so cool at the same time. Who wouldn’t want a flame-breathing minion? Come on! They should actually sell these at hardware stores. It’s fantastic, adorable and creepy all at the same time.
Reddit / Razvix

You can really scare the daylights out of drivers with the creepy ghost in the back of this hearse.

Look at the side of that face and those hands! It kind of reminds us of the carbonized Han Solo from “Star Wars.” You would probably scream if you were driving past this scary hearse, but we’d totally ride it around town if we owned it.

If this car were to ever flip over it would simply keep on driving, because the top tires spin too.

Can you imagine what your parents would say if you bought this car and drove it home for the first time? They’d probably be doing a double take and wondering what you just wasted your money on. But we would love to get our neighbors’ feedback when we park it in the driveway.
Reddit / javems

This Van Gogh necklace may very well be the epitome of what tacky jewelry represents.

You have Van Gogh’s head on one end and his ear on the other end. As most of you know, Van Gogh was a famous Dutch painter who supposedly cut one ear off so he could paint it perfectly. As funny as this necklace is, it’s also kind of tasteless. But let's be honest here, it's pretty clever!
Facebook / Daiauri Margareti Art

This multi-colored holographic hair kind of makes oil and water look pretty badass.

It probably took a lot of skills to color this hair the way it is, but pulling this off in public would be impossible. We really hope it's a wig because we can only imagine how painful it must be to keep the colors from fading!
Instagram / @kseniakisavna

Talk about bringing Mother Nature into the office, or in this case, the staff’s break room.

Can you imagine a curvy cobblestone road with grass on each side inside a break room? What if it was encased in glass? Hopefully, everyone left their high-heeled shoes at home or there are going to be a few cracks on this floor.
Reddit / Gedj

It may not be Gucci but this handbag will definitely cause a lot of heads to turn when you’re in public.

This would be a great gag if your ex asks to meet you for coffee to beg for a second chance or when you visit your mother-in-law. But we wouldn’t want to see what happens if you bring this to Disney World or the airport.
Reddit / atheism-blocker101

Only someone who has a serious soft spot for a hippopotamus would love owning this crimson car.

The car might not look so bad if you took off the baby hippo on top of the windshield and remove those lips. We never even knew that hippos could pucker up their lips like that. But we’re onboard with #HippoLove.
Reddit / dreaming-md

Anyone who has ever seen the movie “Dr. Phibes Rises Again” would scream deja vu at the sight of this chair.

There was a scene in that movie that had a scorpion chair just like this one. This is the kind of furniture you wouldn’t be able to call a comfort chair because that scorpion’s tail would always be looming over your head. That being said, the execution is pretty on point!
Reddit / BabylonLiaison

This would make an incredible dentist’s waiting area, but this bizarre work of art is in a kid’s museum in Costa Rica.

The exhibit is designed to teach children all about teeth and why oral hygiene is important, but this probably gave one or two kids nightmares. Who wants to be cooped up inside a giant mouth with big teeth? Hum, well...we do!

It might look like a silver car but the owner actually used duct tape in lieu of getting a paint job.

Either he was too thrifty to spring for a full-on paint job, or his car was on the verge of falling apart. That might explain why he used duct tape. It was the only way to keep his car together until he could afford to buy a new one.
Reddit / Skythen

If you thought that the hippo car was too odd, then wait until you see this fishy looking catfish car.

We’re not sure we could call this car adorable. It has whiskers and a tail fin. It’s a tiny bit creepy. But if someone in our family bought this for us, we wouldn't necessarily ask them to throw it back in the ocean, either!
Reddit / CoffeeMix54

If you really want to wear gloves that will make your friends go hungry, then try these salty gloves.

Where can one purchase these? These gloves are actually really clever. But we can’t help but wonder how many people would ask to nibble on your fingers cause they look like those salty, tasty McDonald’s French fries.

Enlarging the holes in the ear lobe has become a growing trend that appeals to a lot of people.

If you’re going to stretch your lobes like this, you might as well get creative like this guy did. He got himself a hamster tattoo first so it would look like the hamster was running around a spinning wheel. It’s kind of cute and weird all at the same time.
Reddit / dindymolan

You can really give an intruder the fright of their lives by making it seem like you have two extra dogs.

These dog slippers are so realistic looking! You’ll either convince someone your dogs had puppies or that you’re a real-life Cruella De Vil who turned a bunch of pooches into a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm.
Instagram / @halinmemphis

Here’s a perfect example for why you should never agree to having a “his and hers” wedding cake.

It’s easy to see which one is “His” cake. It’s the truck stuck in the mud that’s slinging mud all over “Her” cake with its rear tires. This is an obvious warning sign for the bride that she’s about to marry a man-child.
Reddit / Sha11owBay

Irish mixed martial artist and boxer Conor McGregor’s suit is well made, but the print is pretty bizarre.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines. In fact, Conor is banking on that. He either woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or he wanted to send someone a two-word message that’s extremely juvenile.
Reddit / WTFisFTWbackwards

Would you ever eat at a South Korean diner that looks like two grasshoppers on top of each other?

It looks like something that came out of a “Transformers” or “Power Rangers” movie. We can get used to the idea of a diner in the shape of two metallic grasshoppers, but not when they look like they’re mating.
Reddit / ReaganAbe

This beaded hair portrait might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there’s something touching about this look.

The portrait is of rapper Nipsey Hussle who passed away in 2019. So, it’s kind of difficult to call it tasteless when it memorializes someone who is no longer with us. But it’s kind of weird to have a rapper’s portrait on a little girl’s hair.

Go full-on Amish and drive down the Oregon Trail with these wagon wheels on this cool Hummer.

We wonder how long those wheels would hold up when driving down the freeway. Can the driver even hit their breaks with these wooden wheels? Hopefully, this Hummer has some great shock absorbers.
Reddit / MyPeadyPie

If you really want to go out wearing a purse that’s super tacky but kinda cute, then buy this Silica gel bag.

We’re willing to bet it comes with a ton of silica gel packets inside when you buy it. Maybe that's just wishful thinking. We usually throw those silica gel packets in the trash, but you’ll definitely want to keep this one. This bag is so attention-grabbing!
Reddit / ckkohl

Kids will undoubtedly find this blow up slide of a sinking Titanic amusing, and so will movie fans.

But it’s kind of tasteless when you think about the real Titanic sinking. When did tragedy become a fun game for kids? That being said, the final product came out pretty on point.
Reddit / BigCballer

Campbell’s Tomato Soup might taste "Um, um good" but these Converse-themed shoes don’t.

We love tomato soup as much as the next person, but we’re not sure how comfortable we’d feel turning our feet into free advertisement for Cambell’s Tomato Soup. But they would make a great collector’s item.
Reddit / PoopEater10

We all want our vehicle to stand out, but giving this car a highlighter makeover must've taken a long time.

It looks like someone got very creative with a bunch of yellow, orange and pink highlighter markers. Hopefully, they added a protective coat afterwards. We’d hate to see all that effort go to waste because of a rainstorm.
Reddit / disillusioned

These pigeon heels bring a whole new meaning to the term "pigeon toed," but they’re so gawdy.

This lady actually got these shoes so she could feed pigeons all day long without scaring them. But it looks like she accidentally stepped on two pigeons and decided to just wear them on her feet. Now she looks like the pigeon lady from Mary Poppins.
Kyoto Ohata

This brain winter hat is probably not what your teacher meant when she said "put on your thinking cap."

It may not be the most tasteful winter hat, but it makes a great gift for a friend or a classmate who doesn’t have a brain. But since you can only wear this when it’s cold, you might want to wrap it up to avoid a brain freeze.

This sweater is perfect if you’re a big Sim City fan or you’re bored and want to put some toy cars on it.

This sweater would look pretty adorable on a kid. Their classmates might make fun of them, but it’s still a cool sweater to own. It would also be the perfect sweater to wear to that office party, but only if you wear it ironically.
Reddit / ColdDiner

This finger-ring is extremely creepy, but it’s a great item to use to mess with people’s heads.

It’s spooky because it looks like the person wearing it broke his or her finger. But we’d probably wear it anyway just to see how many people we can freak out in one day. It’s spooky, icky, and will be perfect for Halloween.
Nadja Buttendorf

You’d have to be a huge fan of “The Simpsons” to wear this Lenny and Carl Ying-yang tattoo.

Lenny and Carl are Homer Simpson’s best friends and work with him at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Whoever asked the tattoo artist to come up with such a bizarre concept is seriously effed. That being said, the design is the best possible outcome this person could've hoped for. We still don't know how they pulled it off!
Reddit / Johninja321

We love foam art, but if someone served this to us at a coffee shop, we probably wouldn’t pay for it.

It’s done perfectly, but a customer would have to request this. If you weren’t expecting this and you saw this design, you’d probably freak and drop the cup on the floor in shock.
Reddit / MrDrinken