Baby Can’t Talk Yet, But She Knows How To Give Dad A Piece Of Her Mind.

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This eight-month-old has a lot on her mind.

Babies babbling is the way they communicate with you. It may not make sense to adults but for infants, this is the beginning of language development. Parents can encourage communication by speaking, reading, and singing to their babies every chance they get. Most babies begin to babble around four to six months old. This is also the time when they realize their voices have volume control. Some infants have a lot to say. The moment those babbles turn into actual words, the talking will never stop. One eight-month-old wants her dad to hear her concerns and everything she has to say.She may have had a full day of play at grandma and grandpa's house.


Or she simply wants to discuss with her dad why everything is so pink.

She has a pink carseat, pink shirt.


Or she just wants to discuss her future allowance.

She won't let her dad have a word in.


She just needs him to be quiet and listen to her.

He is trying to keep a straight face.


But her adorable and passionate babbling is just too much to handle.

Gotta love the hands together.


This baby means business.

Wonder what she really was saying to him.


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Source: Adorable Baby Babbles To Dad by AFV on Rumble