This Guy Saved A Tiny Animal, But Had No Idea What It Actually Was.

This Guy Saved A Tiny Animal, But Had No Idea What It Actually Was. August 21, 2018

We are often told not to meddle with wildlife, coming into contact with humans can often turn fatal for an animal. Their mother or group can reject them once they have been touched by people. For this reason, it’s very easy to walk past a small critter and simply ignore it. There are circumstances, however, when a person just knows that if they keep walking, the small, vulnerable animal may not have much of a chance for survival. Jeff Longo had that predicament when he went for a stroll one day. He had no idea what type of animal the small and grey creature was. Jeff just knew he couldn’t walk away. With a lot of patience and TLC, the small critter opened its eyes and was a strong healthy fur ball within three months of its rescue. Who knew a bearded guy could become a surrogate mom.The newborn was by itself on the side of the road on a extremely hot day in St. Petersburg, Florida. It seemed the tiny animal got separated from her family.

Jeff was mostly told to forget about it as he had no previous experience rehabilitating an animal, let alone one so tiny.

Instead, Jeff researched for ways to help his new friend get healthy and strong.

To make sure the creature would be eating, Jeff took it to work with him everyday.

Lady Biscuit has quickly become part of the family. The dogs love her but Jeff makes sure he is around at all times. He is not afraid the canines will eat Lady Biscuits, he is worried they may accidentally squish her.

Lady Biscuit is very friendly with humans as well as big dogs. She loves to eat pecans.

Although, it doesn’t seem to bother Lady Biscuits she is leading a domesticated life.

They live in trees in the wild. In the home though, Lady Biscuit has turned Jeff into her own personal tree.

That’s not to say Lady Biscuit does not find herself in dangerous situations. During one of her escapades in the home, the flying squirrel found herself stuck in the bathtub.

Jeff plans to upgrade Lady Biscuit’s cage so she can be more active and do all the things flying squirrels do, except in the comfort of her human home. “I’m stuck with the little fluffball,” says Jeff.