Baby Born Without A Skull Is Finally Getting The Love She Deserves.

Baby Born Without A Skull Is Finally Getting The Love She Deserves. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It is estimated that over 95 percent of the population in Thailand practices Buddhism. It is almost an expectation for men in the country to become monks, even if it’s for a short period in their lives. Part of their job is to conserve and to emulate the life and actions of Buddha. These religious men do more than just meditate. They also provide spiritual support to local residents and assisting the poor. Monk Bhin does not turn away those in need, even if it’s extreme cases. A baby girl was born in Sayaburi without a skull to a poor family already raising four children. The family lacks the funds to provide her with appropriate medical intervention. Consequently, they reached out to Monk Bhin in an effort to save the helpless baby.She is blind in one eye and also has a cleft lip and pallet.

Monk Bhin, the other monks in the temple, along with the help of local residents have been able to raise $5,400 thus far. However, due to her extreme case, this will not be enough.

Her dad works in a factory in Thailand and barely makes ends meet.

Her family are practicing Muslims. For Monk Bhin, he doesn’t see a difference in religion. He sees a child in need.

Her condition has moved people around the world to step in and see how they can help.

It is unclear as to whether or not Nurafaiha has any other developmental delays.

They believe it is time for western doctors to step in and help the baby.

Because she lives in a remote village, access to medical care is limited. Therefore, it has yet to be determined if she is suffering in pain or not.

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