At 72 Years Old, Two Women Learn They Were Switched At Birth.

At 72 Years Old, Two Women Learn They Were Switched At Birth. July 18, 2020

Life can be as unpredictable as rain in the summer. We try to create a sense of security by “doing all the right things.” We try to eat as healthy as possible. We move around and try to exercise when we get a break, and we surround ourselves by friends, family, and people who bring something positive into our lives. But reality is sometimes stranger than fiction, and you really never know if the life you’ve been living was nothing but a lie. At the age of 72, two women realized they were switched at birth back in 1945. The discovery came after a simple DNA test proved there was a major mishap at a hospital in Minnesota.And why should they know about each other? It’s not like these two women were separated at birth or were each other’s long lost twins. Their story is a truly weird one, but the two lovely ladies have bonded through their peculiar situation and are really happy to know the truth.

After all, she was the only redhead in a family that boasted natural blonde hair. At the same time, Denice Juneski had always been curious about being the only blonde in a family of deep dark haired folks.

The company 23andMe performed several DNA tests and the results were in: Linda and Denice were switched at birth! Somehow, these adorable babies ended up living in the wrong family household. Some might even say, they each lived a life they weren’t supposed to.

At 2:17 am, Denice Mary Mayer was being born. Meanwhile, at 2:48 am, Linda Jean Nielsen was finally starting to take her first breaths in the outside world. Somehow, the nurses at the hospital made a crucial mistake and took them to the wrong room, forever changing their fate.

So there’s no one who could shed some light on what actually went down and this ended up happening, which could help this mistake from happening again. Despite the major mix up, these women are really grateful to know the truth about their origins.

Denice even admitted that the situation was nothing but a blessing: “I consider it a gift, and good things come out of it, I think.” Fortunately, both women went on to live in the loving comfort of a happy household. But the way they discovered the truth was surprising, to say the least. Denice, who’s a genealogy buff, decided to submit her DNA to the company, 23andMe to hopefully learn a bit more about her health history.

But she thought the company had made a mistake, so she took the test again. Denice was puzzled. She immediately thought, “Either 23andMe made a mistake, or I was switched at birth.” The latter being a reality wasn’t something she’d seriously consider. After she got her results back, she noticed her name matched several folks, but she hadn’t heard of these people before.

Linda’s daughter and her hubby then proceeded to have a talk with Linda. “We believe you’ve been switched at birth,” they shared. Linda immediately made arrangements to get tested. “I did my DNA right away, because I’ve got to see this on paper,” said Linda.

Unknowingly, these two ladies had walked in each other’s footsteps, by living a life they weren’t mean to, ever since they were switched and forced to live with a family that just happened to be at the same hospital. Their family photos are incredibly haunting. Linda, who’s a redhead, can be seen among a family of blondes, while Denice, who’s always been a blonde, grew up in a family full of brunettes and redheads. But the differences weren’t just superficial, as Denice had always noticed how she had little to no coordination and stamina, but she grew up surrounded by athletes. The differences were there, they just didn’t know what it meant.

Sadly, these two women didn’t get to experience the love and nurturing embrace of the family they were meant to be with. “I was really supposed to be another person,” said Denice. But both Linda and Denice feel it was nothing but a gift to realize about the mistake. Slowly but surely, they met each other’s family members, and plan on keep doing so. They’re planning a huge family reunion where they’ll get to meet all the other members. Now, they share a bond that’s unknown to most which can be easily compared to a sisterly bond. “We’re just new friends,” said Linda.