Baby Was Born In Condition So RARE Most Doctors Don’t Even Know About It.

Baby Was Born In Condition So RARE Most Doctors Don’t Even Know About It. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

While everybody was opting for hospitals and clinics for safer baby deliveries, Kyle and Amber decided to go a different route. They wanted to try something more traditional like home water birth. Though many people are opting for these nowadays, Kyle and Amber wanted this to be extremely special and unique. They wanted to capture each and every moment. They even kept the gender of the baby a secret till it was time to give birth.Already blessed with two boys, Amber didn’t want to get her hopes up too high this time, but on the inside, she wanted a daughter badly.

She wanted a baby girl that would brighten up their lives and also fill them with joy. She didn’t know it then but her life was about to take a huge turn for the better.

On December 20, 2013, Amber started to experience contractions that were 8 minutes apart and lasting up to 1 minute. After keeping a close check on them for a couple of hours, she decided to take a bath and relax.

After relaxing and monitoring the pattern closely, she noticed that they were still 8 minutes apart but the duration had reduced to about 30 seconds. She witnessed no change in her contractions for the next 13 hours but she knew that the baby was coming any minute now and she was extremely excited and nervous.

The next morning, Amber woke up trembling with each contraction. That’s the exact moment she realized that her baby was coming. She instantly called her midwife, mother-in-law and the birth photographer to ask them to come over. They rushed over to her place and she was surrounded by the people she loved. Even her two sons were eagerly waiting for their baby sibling and were wide awake at 5 in the morning.

Everybody then started preparing for the baby’s arrival. Kyle and Amber’s midwife filled the birthing pool with water. Amber then sat there while Kyle massaged her back. She listened to some calming music which she’d been listening through her entire pregnancy. It kept her relaxed. She also said “I just went away. I was in another world during that whole time in the pool. My happy spot was on the beach… That’s where I went.” What was even more shocking was that she claimed she was only at a ‘2’ on the pain scale!

When Amber’s water broke, she immediately felt a “water balloon sac” over the baby’s head. That’s because the baby was born en caul, meaning it was born in the amniotic sac, the bag in which the baby grows and develops for 9 months. This is a very rare occurrence and the chance of it happening is less than 1 in 80,000 births.

The delivery itself was quick and there was a very little shouting or screaming until the very last moment when Amber held her baby in her hands with absolute and sheer joy on her face.

After holding the baby girl in her arms, Amber was brought to tears, but they were tears of joy. She couldn’t believe that she had been blessed with a baby girl. Her sons were blessed with a baby sister too. She even said, “I remember moving the umbilical cord between the legs, looking down, my husband and I kind of look at each other, and I looked at my midwife. And the look on her face was saying, ‘You’re not crazy. You can say it!” she said. My favorite moment was when everyone broke into a chorus of cheers after realizing the baby’s gender.

Isn’t it just beautiful the way a baby can bring so much joy and laughter? We all hope that this baby is blessed with good health and a life full of happiness.

**Watch the complete video of the experience below.**

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