Babysitter Burned Baby’s Feet In Scalding Oil To Stop Her Crying.

Babysitter Burned Baby’s Feet In Scalding Oil To Stop Her Crying. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Parents should always be super cautious when seeking someone to watch their baby. Although there are many professional babysitters/nannies out there that do a superior job, hiring a sitter that you don’t personally know is a very big risk. A stranger to you and your child is more prone to abusing the child out of anger and frustration. For example, Ismelda Ramos Mendoza was on duty as a baby’s nanny when she lashed out in the most unbelievable way. Disciplining should never be done by a babysitter, especially to this extent.An arrest had been made for an individual that allegedly burned a baby’s feet. It is another case of babysitter abuse and it’s a horrific one.

Ismelda Ramos Mendoza, 36, from Bladensburg was arrested for doing something unthinkable to a baby.

But why did she do it? The answer is simple and unbelievable: because the infant wouldn’t stop crying.

What did she do exactly? It’s so difficult to imagine that a person would do anything this extreme to a helpless baby.

Apparently, the 6-month-old baby girl bothered Ismelda so much with her crying, that Ismelda finally lashed out on the defenseless child.

According to investigators, Ismelda was making tortillas in a pan when the little girl kept crying.

The nanny was so frustrated at the little girl that she reached a breaking point where she stuck the baby’s feet into the burning pan!

Immediately after, massive blisters started forming on the baby’s feet. The baby then cried in pain for the rest of time until her mother came home.

When the worried mother questioned Ismelda what had happened, Ismelda had the nerve to pretend as if she had no idea.

However, no matter how calm Ismelda was when she lied about the incident to the mother she knew she was in major trouble.

Even though Ismelda lied, the mom had a gut feeling that the nanny was the one behind the blisters. She immediately called 911 to report the abuse.

However, none of us would have blamed the mother if she tried to burn the babysitter’s feet herself after what she did to her daughter!

The baby girl was rushed to a nearby hospital immediately after. There, she was treated for second-degree burns that were all over her feet.

The unfortunate story has been shared on WSVN’s Facebook page and has already received over 200 commenters speaking about Ismelda’s cruel and disturbing actions.

One new mom commented, “I can’t..its disgusting all I’m reading is caretakers doing horrible things to helpless innocent kids. I’m so thankful for my family being able to care for my infant son.”

Another man wrote, “Hey babysitters and childcare providers. If working around children upsets you then simply do NOT work around children.”

Other commenters were confused and upset at how Ismelda could possibly think inflicting pain on the baby would help the situation. Naturally, more pain would only cause more crying.

A woman commented, “Sick ppl have no business around anyones children, even her own. I could never understand the logic of hurting someone more when they’re crying will make them stop???”

Another commenter wrote, “So u can’t get the baby to stop crying so u conflict pain on the baby cause that will make them stop crying…seriously wth is wrong with people.”

After reading this story, a lot of parents have started rethinking about hiring babysitters that they don’t personally know. Stranger sitters are more likely to hurt the child in some way out of frustration.

One mom wrote, “I would’ve had more money and probably would’ve been more respected now, but I raised my children myself. Thank you God.”

Another commenter added, “Thats why I never trust no idiot taking care of my baby. Only his grandma…”

A babysitter getting distracted or harming the child by accident in some unpredictable situation is understandable.

But it is beyond comprehension how a babysitter can go out of his or her way to intentionally inflict extreme pain to a defenseless baby.

The only explanation for all of this is that some individuals out in the world really are just simply sick and should never be let near children, let alone taking care of them.

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