Bride Skipped Her Own Bachelorette Party To Do THIS For The Homeless.

Bride Skipped Her Own Bachelorette Party To Do THIS For The Homeless. August 30, 2018

When a woman gets engaged, she’s suddenly got a whole list of amazing things to look forward to. She gets to pick her wedding outfit, arrange the entire event, show off her ring to family and friends, plan a shower, and perhaps most excitingly, a bachelorette party. The latter is one of the holiest of pre-wedding experiences, often accompanied by destination-hopping, partying all night, and enjoying a glass of champagne or twenty, just because you’re the bride. But one bride wanted to do it a little differently. Instead of focusing on planning a party around herself, she wanted to make other women feel special and have fun on that day — women who needed it more than they could say. Read this incredibly selfless story below, and let it serve as an important reminder: If you’re lucky enough to have the things you want and need, it’s always a boss move to pay it forward.Instead, she wanted to use her opportunity to throw a party to give back and help other women.

“I was in a tough place in my life before — I think we’ve all been there — and I remember wishing for someone to just pick me up, take me out and just make me feel good,” Baldwin told The Huffington Post. “So, I really wanted to help lift the spirits of some women who are in a difficult life situation and treat them for the day.”

“The businesses that wanted to participate, I was very grateful for,” Baldwin said. “They really enjoyed being able to help, too! The shelter helped me find the girls who were comfortable participating in all of the fun so that was helpful.” The party included morning coffees at Starbucks, haircuts at a salon, manicures, lunch, a shopping spree, a photoshoot and finally, a nice dinner to top off the day. And of course, what would a bachelorette party be without plenty of mimosas?

“When your closest friends and family get together for your bachelorette party, that makes for a powerful team!” she said. “I wouldn’t want to waste that time and energy, so to use it making others feel good (even if it’s just for one day) makes for a better memory than taking shots, stumbling around and bar hopping.”