Email Typo Has Man Attending Stranger's Weekend Bachelor Party In Vermont.

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Arizona resident Will Novak received an email invitation to a bachelor party, but there was a mix up.

The difference between the name Bill and Will should be obvious, unless someone messes up an email invitation and sends it to the wrong guy. That’s exactly how two men living in different states ended up celebrating a bachelor party together. It turns out that Bill Novak lives in Brooklyn, New York, but Will Novak lives all the way in Arizona. However, when Will received Bill’s invitation to a bachelor party in Vermont, he made it his personal mission to crash a stranger’s event with a little help from social media. And the outcome was hilarious and amazing, all at the same time.The email wasn’t meant for him. It was meant for Bill Novak in Brooklyn. But that didn’t stop him from wanting to attend. He just needed to figure out how to get to the bachelor party, which was in Vermont. So, he raised some money through GoFundMe, which he definitely needed.

The bachelor party was for Angelo Onello, and there was a dress code—retro and chilly.

Will had to go shopping for some ‘80s clothes and some skiing getups. There were also other expenses he had to consider as well, like shirts being made for the event, plus skiing tickets, and a $150 fee for things like food, beer, and housing.

Now that he knew what he was in for he was able to purchase his American Airline ticket and head off.

At Boston's Logan International Airport, Will was greeted at baggage claim with six cases of Night Shift beer from a local brewer. Will doesn't drink, but he was looking forward to a good time. He admitted to his social media followers that going to a bachelor party for a man he didn’t know was certainly one of the oddest things he had done since his old college days.

When he went to Enterprise Rent-A-Car to pick up his car, he got the biggest surprise of his life.

The rental car company upgraded his vehicle to a Maserati SUV worth over $75,000. But anyone who knows Will would tell you that this guy owns a 2006 Pontiac Vibe with one hubcap missing, and he prefers a bus over a car any day. Will headed to the ski cabin in Ludlow, Vermont, but stopped twice for more free beer.

By the time he got to Vermont at around two a.m., the party goers were shooting fireworks.

They were also playing metal music with their guitars. The guys were even jumping around like they were in a mosh pit at a metal concert. It certainly wasn’t what he was expecting, but he decided to join in on the fun.

It was crazy fun at the party, and Will was having a great time with the bachelors in attendance.

Then he met four women who came from Manhattan, and they needed a ride, but they couldn’t call an Uber because there was no cell phone where they were at. So, he offered to drive them. Then something weird happened.
Will Novak

After he pulled up his rented Maserati, Will turned his back for a moment and then a man jumped in.

The stranger took off with the Maserati, but returned a few minutes later. Apparently, he only wanted to take the car out on a joy ride. But as upset as Will was, he tried not to let it get to him, and managed to have a great time.
Will Novak

Will enjoyed the slopes at the Okemo Mountain resort with Angelo and his accidental new friends.

Will also spent a little extra time with the ski resort’s ski instructor to get a handle on things. Surprisingly, he managed to avoid any injury, but ironically, the real Bill Novak, who was actually invited, had to go back to Brooklyn with an injured shoulder.
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Since he had only gone skiing once when he was 14, Will didn’t know how to dress.

He initially offered to wear a wrestling singlet from a 1989 WWF event, but wound up wearing a rainbow-striped ski suit during the weekend. And after a brief adjustment period, he eventually fit in with the boys like a glove.
Will Novak

Not only did he stick around for Angelo Onello’s bachelor party, but he gave him the coolest gift.

Will had received $5,000 from his GoFundMe page. That’s more traveling money than he needed, so he gave the extra money to Angelo, the groom, whose fiancée is four months pregnant. The couple would undoubtedly need the cash for the baby’s college fund.
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Even after the party was over, Will made headlines for choosing to accept an invitation that wasn’t his.

Will Novak and Angelo Onello then went on “Good Morning America” and told hosts Michael Strahan and Sarah Haines how it all went down. And it seems as though Will’s plot to make a brand-new friend became a dream come true.