The Worst Food Porn We’ve Ever Seen In Our Entire Lives.

The Worst Food Porn We’ve Ever Seen In Our Entire Lives. June 25, 2019

Who doesn’t love food porn? They’re beautiful photos of delicious food that’ll make your mouth water instantly. We do admit that looking at such photos is a little torturing but it’s the good type of torture. The following photos, however, are the bad type of torture. They’re torturing to look at because they look like the last thing anyone would ever eat. Some of the dishes are just lacking a few presentation skills, while others are just completely ridiculous concoctions. Take a look at some of the worst food photos ever.You probably won’t anymore after eating this disaster of a burger.

Despite how funny it is, it doesn’t change how unappetizing it looks.

Is that fish surrounded by peas surrounded by nuggets??? Or are they cookies? Can someone explain please?!

But it looks like someone just threw whatever they had in the fridge onto a plate.

So of course the next best thing would be an ice cream cone. Carbs are carbs, right?

Couldn’t even transfer the contents of the can into a glass?

Take notes folks, this is how you eat pizza without the carbs and guilt.

Hopefully he understands and appreciates all the hard work she put into this.

The answer is simple: buy what you can afford and get creative with your presentation.

But did you really have to use weiner dogs as your main ingredient?

This is gourmet at its finest. Someone get this man a restaurant deal pronto.

The yellow stuff is definitely cheese. As for the other component of the dish, we’re unsure if it’s some type of chips or cereal?

But we do admit that cucumbers don’t look like they belong on this dish.

Oh you know, the usual: avocado, spaghetti-o and raw shrimp.

Once you get past the weirdness of the combination of fries and ice cream, you might actually really enjoy this dish!

Just whip up a dish like this and you’ll be good for a whole week.

Chicken noodles mixed with a can of corn. Doesn’t it look delicious?

It appears this person only had hot dog buns and cheese.

Did this person really just dipped pieces of chicken into a bowl of NyQuil?! Not only does that sound like it would taste gross, is it even safe to consume something like that?!

Everyone can try, but not everyone can succeed.

“Yeah, give me 10 seconds.”

So is it supposed to be a deconstructed breakfast burrito?

You mean to tell us that they couldn’t even throw the frozen broccoli and uncooked pasta into a pot of boiling water?

Honestly the best way to eat noodles. If you haven’t tried, you’re not living.

It’s a sad time nobody wants to remember.

But we’re going to take a wild guess and say it’s a melted rice krispie?

It doesn’t look appetizing, but we’re sure it’s more tasty than half of the other dishes we’ve seen.

How hard is it to put the food into a bowl and separate the contents?

No problem, just fill your bowl of milk with M&M’s. You can thank us later.

We appreciate the vision here, but it’s just not working out.