Kindergartner Tells Mom About Class Movie, And Mom Immediately Calls 911.

Kindergartner Tells Mom About Class Movie, And Mom Immediately Calls 911. November 11, 2018

Kindergarten is a special occasion for kids and their parents. It’s a big step in becoming independent and for many this is the first time away from their mom and dad. Beginning school is a greet opportunity to begin the process of meeting new kids; some will form friendships that last a lifetime. Learning the alphabet, numbers, and the weather among other valuable lessons, the child’s world grows just a little bit bigger everyday. Teachers are there to lead the way into an eternity of learning. Parents send their kids to school with the trust that the adult in charge of their children will teach, protect, and respect them. It is a parent’s worse nightmare when their child comes home with a story of abuse at the hands of his or her teacher. Young pupils first experience in school cannot and should not be one that is negative.The Houston, Texas man has been charged with indecency with a child.

She revealed he had touched. This prompted the mother to call the police and the school.

She went to the “library” section in the classroom, situated behind Salisbury’s desk. That’s when she said the teacher began to touch her private parts.

The five-year also said this was not the first time the teacher had touched her inappropriately.

The Houston Independent School District police released a statement. “The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted criminal charges against a kindergarten teacher previously assigned to Berry Elementary School following an HISD Police investigation into reports that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with a student,” it reads.

“The allegation was first reported to school officials in September at which time the teacher was removed from the classroom and an internal investigation begun. The administration also notified HISD and CPS of the conduct. Police then presented their findings to the Harris County District Attorney, who accepted criminal charges,” it continued.

Police went to the classroom and found the part dubbed the “library,” which is filled with books, dolls, and pillows, would not have been in view of what was happening by the students watching the movie.

She said Salisbury was her daughter’s favourite teacher. “He was a very patient teacher,” Hernandez said. “So I can’t believe it. I just pray to God everything work(s) out for him because I can’t believe it.”