It Was Supposed To Be A Romantic Photo, But The Universe Had Better Ideas.

It Was Supposed To Be A Romantic Photo, But The Universe Had Better Ideas. November 17, 2018

When you’re taking selfies, you can take as many as you want to get that perfect shot. You might be in the privacy of your own room so you can work your best angles, change your clothes, adjust the lighting, or anything else you want. When you’re out in public and ask a stranger or a friend to snap a photo, you don’t have that kind of flexibility. You’re usually stuck with the few photos that they take. Another thing that happens when you’re out is that you’re not as familiar with the territory around you. While you can probably navigate around your own home with your eyes shut, you should be more careful when stepping out. Just ask Elaina Vecchio, known as @elainavecchio, on Twitter. She tweeted a hilarious set of photos in which she and her boyfriend fell into a fountain in the middle of a photoshoot. The good humored young woman captioned it, “When taking pictures with your bae goes wrong ???..”She wore a smooth body con dress that showed off her curves and a sparkling choker. Her boyfriend cleaned up in an all black ensemble.

One Twitter user wrote, “The middle [picture] is good, just beyond the point of no return.” Without this comment, you can probably guess what’s about to happen just by looking at their body language.

The two responded to it extremely well and so has the public. The set has been liked by over 170k people and retweeted over 70k times.

How would you have reacted? Several people feared that this would inevitably happen to them and their significant others someday soon. One person wrote that they wished there was a video while another wanted to see an after photo.

**Good news! Turns out that there is a video of the aftermath.**

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