Attaching A Balloon To A Cat Is The Funniest Thing You Shouldn’t Do.

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Cats enjoy living the easy life but when it throws a curveball they don’t handle very well. The YouTube channel Suri Noel, loves to document their felines daily activities like meeting the new human [baby][1]. For the most part the cats tend to adjust everything with caution but ease. Except when their human decides to stick balloons on the five Scottish Folds. The fur balls do not scratch or fight the unusual objects. Nonetheless, they do look worried that the balloons do not roll off them even when they walk or roll. The balloons start off as annoying but soon the kitties appear concerned they may never be able to get rid of them. Watch this adorable video as this family of felines have learned the hard way not to trust their humans and their ridiculous tricks. [1]:
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