26 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Balloons.

26 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Balloons. April 30, 2017

Balloons are a party staple – we hang them up, hand them out, and if we’re feeling especially ambitious, might even spend awhile playing with them. But did you know that balloons also have a variety of other uses, ones that range from crafty to handy to just downright adorable? Below, we’ve collected 26 balloon ideas from around the Internet – we’re thinking #16 might be perfect for your next party.Using a balloon, buttons, and some clear-drying glue, you can create on of these adorable button bowls in now time.

This cute DIY is a great decoration for a kid’s birthday party, or even a prom.

Use a balloon to create this interesting light fixture, made from small branches and glue.

This is a creative new way to serve your desserts. The best part? No dishes when you’re finished.

Using balloons, you can create charming ice luminaries for your home, turning your front yard into a winter wonderland.

This is a creative way to keep everyone’s glasses straight, sans permanent market.

Strips of magazine rolled into coils and a balloon are all it takes to construct this interesting bowl.

How gorgeous would these look at a winter wedding?

Get your stress out with one of these cheeky ninja stress balls – just paint their faces onto balloons and squeeze.

This idea is cute, colorful, and you should probably just have one in your home at all times.

Add visual interest to your plastic bottle vases with a colorful balloon.

For when your winterized front yard needs a slight upgrade.

String, adhesive, and a balloon are all you need to make these chic centerpieces for your next dinner party.

Ice cubes are boring – make your cooler more colorful with balloons instead.

An adorable take on a traditional Easter basket that’s just begging to be filled up with goodies.

This is an awesome wreath that will let every guest know exactly where the party is at.

The heat from a lamp helps these doilies firm up around the balloon to create these fancy candle holders.

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor pool, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not filling it with balloons for your next party.

These festive save-the-dates will definitely keep your special day at the forefront of your guest’s mind’s.

Keep that fruit salad chilled for the entire duration of the party. Plus, it looks pretty cool on a buffet table.

If this works as well as it looks like it does, it is absolutely amazing.

These will make your Christmas tree look especially twee and amazing.

The perfect entryway for any guest of honor.

These great lights were molded around balloons and then hung from the ceiling for a low-key vibe.

We probably wouldn’t eat out of these (too much glitter in teeth), but they would look awesome sitting on your countertop.

This will totally be a hit at your next children’s party.