Bank Deposits $4.6 MILLION Into Girl’s Account By Mistake. She Spends

Bank Deposits $4.6 MILLION Into Girl’s Account By Mistake. She Spends April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you thought you ever made a huge mistake at work, you’re not the only one. But this one was huge! As in $4.6 million huge. That’s the exact amount that bank ended up depositing to a young woman’s bank account. The only problem is that the money didn’t belong to her. But of course that didn’t stop her from spending millions of dollars. Don’t judge! Most of you would probably do the exact same thing and not feel bad about it. Well maybe a little bad, but not bad enough to stop spending it all. But when the cash isn’t yours it’s only a matter of time before you face the consequences of your actions, like he did.21-year-old Christine Jiaxin Lee had moved from Malaysia to Australia on a simple student visa and was possibly struggling with money like most college students today.

Her bank had made a whopper of an error and accidentally transferred not one, not two, but $4.6 million into her account. Imagine checking out your bank statement to see such a major error. But would anyone proceed like Christine did, or would they have second thoughts?

When she saw so many numbers in her account, it felt like opportunity had finally come knocking on her door and she wasn’t foolish enough to not answer the proverbial door.

So Lee started transferring $5000 per day into separate private bank accounts throughout Australia that weren’t connected to the original account where the lump sum of millions had been transferred.

She did what any girl or guy would do and started buying a bunch of things. In her case it was a lot of designer purses. Wouldn’t an apartment or car be more of an investment? Guess not.

It certainly did for Lee who was totally living the high life, spending left and right and just enjoy life the way we all wish we could.

The apartment had an impressive view overlooking the Sydney harbor, which probably beat her old dorm room in college.

After all, she was rich now and could do whatever she wanted. I mean, have you seen her bank account? She had zeros to spare, kid!

It’s safe to say that there was no way she would have been able to afford such a fancy apartment if it weren’t for some poor teller out there’s major mix up.

$4.6 million isn’t something that casually disappears at banks without raising any suspicion and eventually they started tracking down their mistake.

Then they decided to wreck her absolutely fabulous rich life by sending the cops after her. Reality hits you hard, bro. Or, sis!

$3.3 million of the original $4.6 million was gone and it’s not like she could apologize and promise to get it all back with a second job.

Fortunately, her boyfriend, Vincent King, who probably got something out of it too, went to court and bailed her out.

Like the fortune that wasn’t hers to begin with, her freedom was fleeting.

Which Lee did. So immigration officials were called in and arrested her. Then she had some time to ponder those life choices she made while her visa was being reviewed

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