A Look Into The Eccentric Life Of The Human Barbie Doll

A Look Into The Eccentric Life Of The Human Barbie Doll October 27, 2019

Barbie has been an icon for little girls for several decades. Despite criticism that the popular doll has set beauty standards that are unrealistic for young women, people still love Barbie. So, we probably shouldn’t be surprised that someone would go to any lengths to become a human Barbie. Just ask Lukyanova. She was willing to do whatever was necessary to look like her plastic icon. This girl knows what it’s all about. She has pretty much undergone every challenge necessary to ensure she came out on top just like Barbie. So, now we take a closer look at Valeria Lukyanova’s life to figure out why life in plastic is fantastic.Ample bust, thin waist, legs that go on and on; these are just some of the requirements that seemingly make being a Human Barbie unrealistic. But Lukyanova has managed to pull it off.

Lukyanova meets all of Barbie’s requirements and that includes her shiny blonde hair. There’s something eerily inhuman, but at the same time beautiful about her. Just don’t assume that she lives in a plastic pink house in Malibu. She’s not a superficial person either. In fact, there’s more to this gorgeous bombshell than meets the eye.

Valeria Lukyanova started out like most little girls in Moldova, in the former USSR. She was well cared for and loved as a child. You might say her upbringing was as normal as you’d expect.

Her dad, Valery, was a builder, and a DJ on the side. Her mom, Irina, worked for the Russian Army. It sounds like she had some pretty cool parents who worked in diverse fields. Little did her parents know that their beautiful girl would become a gorgeous young Barbie doll.

Lukyanova had a thing for dolls like all typical girls her age. You might even say she was buried in a mountain of plastic. It’s no wonder that she grew up to admire Barbie so much.

Her parents worked hard to earn cash to stay afloat. But they could obviously afford to indulge Lukyanova and her sister Olga’s childhood desires. But she wasn’t just focused on the fake lives of her dolls. She became obsessed with their perfect figure of her Barbie dolls. This fascination only grew stronger over the years.

Life in Moldova wasn’t easy. Then the tension between the Ukraine and Moldova reached a boiling point. This forced Lukyanova to make a life altering decision for the better.

In 2014, she decided that the best way to avoid the war was to get as far away from it as possible. So, she fled to another continent and landed in Mexico. The only question remained, was this the right choice for her? Could Mexico provide her with the career and lifestyle she wanted?

Lukyanova didn’t wake up fully transformed into the epitome of a human Barbie. Prior to her extraordinary change, she could stop traffic with her beauty, even without perplexing makeup or flashy clothes.

In 2007, she managed to win the Miss Diamond Crown of the World. Even at this point her lips were impeccable, her dark eyes were lovely, and her lashes were to die for. She also had the most amazing smooth blonde hair, just like Barbie. But no one suspected that her childhood obsession would turn into an inspiration.

Lukyanova had seen her parents struggling financially when she was a little girl. At some point, she realized she didn’t want to follow in her parents’ footsteps. She wanted more than a normal life.

Being naturally beautiful like her mom Irina was a huge advantage. It allowed her to pursue a modeling career, which was a given. She had all the qualities of a supermodel. She also had the drive and determination to be fierce on the runway. Nothing was going to stop her journey now. But there was something missing in her life.

Say what you will, but even without enhancements, Lukyanova looked gorgeous. Although she denied having undergone cosmetic surgery, her plastic look required help. After all, you can’t go from beautiful to a plastic bombshell overnight.

She already had the hair, the eyes, and the skin tone of a Barbie doll. Now, she needed the rest of her body to match those perfect plastic features. So, she allegedly began with the basics; breast implants. From then on, it was just a matter of taking plastic surgery to the next level.

While the world marvels at her beauty, Lukyanova continued changing before our eyes. With the passing of time, she developed more and more Barbie-like features. Only time would tell if she would achieve her goal.

Her face was looking impeccable like a doll. In fact, there was something almost ethereal and elfish about her. With each alleged surgery, she was starting to look a little less like Lukyanova and more and more like Barbie. But she wasn’t even close to being done with her transformation.

There was no way that Lukyanova was going to fess up to having undergone surgery. But, it was difficult to attribute her remarkable change in such a short time to a good diet and exercising.

Some argued that there was no way someone could have a 19-inch waist. It was biologically impossible. So, naturally, people assumed that she had undergone some major nip tuck. Regardless, she did what any supermodel would do. She denied the claims for as long as she could. But how long could she keep that up?

Lukyanova has a younger sister, and they both have something in common. They’re equally beautiful and have intense dark eyes as well. But there is one noticeable difference between the siblings.

Olga’s hair is brown, while Lukyanova’s hair is blonde like Barbie. Is this what Lukyanova looked like before undergoing her full-on transformation? One thing we can’t deny is that they both have the same pouty lips. But allegedly, Olga tends to crack a smile more often. Then again, Lukyanova has a lot more going on.

Critics claim that it’s anatomically impossible for a thin woman to have natural large breasts. At least, she couldn’t have them without any upper ribs to keep them afloat. But that’s not all they’ve noticed.

Lukyanova’s waist, seemingly vanishes inward to accentuate her hips. Then again, she doesn’t care that people are envious of her. She knows what it takes to get a Barbie body like that to look impeccable from head to toe. But maintaining that look sure isn’t easy with or without surgery.

Lukyanova isn’t holding back on her secret to the perfect plastic Barbie doll figure. But if you want to wind up with her figure, then say goodbye to junk food. You’ll also have to sacrifice so much more.

She admittedly exercises for several hours, and drinks plenty of water. The water undoubtedly helps her quench her thirst and her hunger. She also confesses that she’s very picky about what she eats. In fact, she prefers to eat food in liquid form. But at what point does an obsession become dangerous?

People always tease supermodels by claiming that all they eat are slices of air. In Lukyanova’s case, that tease was more like a reality for her. But can you really live off of air and sunshine?

She claims to have gone on a breatharian diet, which means she basically ate nothing. It also involved absorbing nutrients from the Earth and sky. But that didn’t work out. So, she decided to stick to meals that were sugar and carb-free. Still, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of living on air again.

Aside from turning herself into a human Barbie, Lukyanova has other goals. In fact, she’d like to learn the art of astral projecting. So, don’t be surprised if she pops up in your living room.

The act of astral traveling involves opening the soul and transcending into a higher plane. This would certainly open up plenty of opportunities. Who knows what secrets she’d uncover in the universe? But she’s determined to master this ability and find out. Clearly, she’s not happy simply living a life made of plastic.

Love her or hate her, Lukyanova isn’t bothered by what people think of her. She’s satiating her quest to achieve plastic perfection on the outside. She’s also learning to perfect her spiritual self.

Who knows? Maybe between the realm of plastic and the astral plane lies a space traveling Barbie. Meanwhile, her message to her followers is clear. When it comes to her persona, plastic or otherwise, there’s only love and joy. Just don’t expect her to find a human Ken any time soon. From her perspective, torture is preferable to a family lifestyle.