14 REALLY Simple DIY Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Bare Walls.

14 REALLY Simple DIY Ideas To Breathe New Life Into Bare Walls. April 18, 2017

When you’re first decorating your home, you might find yourself having a shocking realization: ***There is a hell of a lot of blank wall space.*** Instead of panicking and covering your walls with generic prints – or worse, nothing at all, take a look at these 14 bare wall ideas. They are original, creative, and aren’t too hard on your budget, either. Prepare to get inspired. **#7 is surprisingly chic.**Old maps make a great decoration for blank wall, perfect for a study or cozy den.

A few colorful plates can go a long way to make a wall look upgraded – plus, you always have one at reach if you want to eat in bed.

Spray paint a handful of birdcages and hang them on some blank wall space. Bonus points if you actually keep birds inside.

Spray paint the frames in cool, complimentary tones.

Printing and mounting song lyrics can add some musical charm to your walls. Use your favorite songs keep the fonts fresh and varied.

This is a great alternative to the average photo frame. Contrasting the black and white photos with the wooden plaques looks original and fresh, too.

You might think that it’s impossible, but there are great artificial flowers out there – that aren’t covered in glitter. Once you track them down, use them to create an awesome flower wall.

Hanging beads can be an excellent use of wall space. They look especially great in rooms with warm, soft lighting.

The wall next to your staircase often goes unused – why not use old, weathered windows to give the route to the second floor some antique charm?

You can mount t-shirts onto frames and put them onto walls. This may be a great solution for those of us who have an old t-shirt that is worn out, but we cant bear to get rid of.

If you’re not into deforestation, you can opt to cover your wall with one of these cool holiday trees, made from lights and sticks.

Chalkboard paint in different tones can turn your blank wall into a useful planning tool.

Collect old license plates? They look remarkably charming hanging on wall – If you set it up right, you could allow your collection to grow over time.

Stencils can be a great, affordable solution for a blank wall, like this amazing forest scene.