7 Important Things To Remember When You’re Having A Shower.

7 Important Things To Remember When You’re Having A Shower. November 29, 2018

Showering is a daily ritual that some of us perform at least once a day. You’ll probably take a bath in the morning to refresh yourself before going to school or work. Then you’ll take another shower after you get home to clean up all the sweat and the germs you’ve accumulated on your skin throughout the day. Showering seems like a simple process. It’s not like you need a manual to figure out how to do it. Right? Or do you? Here are a couple of things that might indicate that you’ve been doing the entire process wrong.We’re not telling you not to scrub, especially if you’re super dirty, but don’t overdo it. You might think that scrubbing hard can lead to cleaner skin, but it tends to remove the top layer of your skin, which can lead to skin infections. So try to limit those facials and body scrubs in the shower to once per week.

If you don’t then it will become a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Then the next time you use it you’ll risk passing that over your skin and causing an infection.

Soaps with antibacterial properties will kill off most bacteria, but the few that do survive will become resistant. This could eventually lead to all kinds of skin-related health issues.

Shampooing dries up your hair and causes split ends because it robs your hair of its natural oil. A good conditioner will provide the proper moisture and protein your hair needs to look glossy and beautiful.

This can result in dry and dull looking skin. So whenever you choose to shave or wax, make sure you do it after you get out of the shower.

It’s okay to go a little heavy on the soap for areas that are more likely to get oily and stinky like your armpits, groin area, your feet and your face. But if you use too much of it throughout your body, it will wash away the oils that essentially prevent your skin from looking dry and lifeless.

The longer you keep certain areas of yourself wrapped in a towel, the dryer your skin will feel. Another unpleasant side effect, which goes to all you ladies who love to wrap your hair in a towel, is that it will cause excess hair to fall out.