14 Shower Gifts You Should Absolutely Buy For Yourself.

14 Shower Gifts You Should Absolutely Buy For Yourself. February 6, 2019

Most kids resent taking a shower. After all, there is plenty of playing to do and getting washed and lathered gets in the way of a day full things to do. The older you get, the more you tend to appreciate the alone time while prepping for the day. Some even admit making personal and professional decisions while the water is running. To ensure you are getting the ultimate shower experience, you may want to consider adding these cool gadgets.For those that like to take a second shower at the end of the day to relax, consider this holder that will keep your wine or beer ready to drink after you finish lathering.

What could be better than a pain free back cleaning routine? Exfoliate your entire back with this loofah-like back cleaner. The smooth side is for polishing while the coarser side exfoliates.

A notepad near your shower place is a must so that you can jot down all your awesome and world-saving ideas that pop in your mind only when you are showering. You can also use it to jot down your to-do chores.

You can lotion up while in the shower, thus, saving you extra time in the mornings.

Get loud or get in a zen mood while listening to your favourite tunes.

This is the best solution for all the accessories you need without creating a clutter. The see-through plastic allows you to know where everything is.

Keep bacteria and stains at bay with this antimicrobial curtain. The curtain is treated with Vinyzene, a proven antimicrobial and mildew-resistant chemical, to extend its life.

Attach an aromatherapy diffuser to your shower head for the nicest smelling water stream you’ve ever experienced.

Install a fog-free mirror, equipped with Bluetooth, and AM/FM radio. Now you can shave while listening to the traffic report or just some good country music.

If you want to experience an ultimate post-shower bliss, you should surely invest in a towel warmer. You will get warmed up as soon as you step out of your shower.

Upgrade your non-tech showerhead for a Bluetooth one, which answers calls, reduces noise, and has a detachable speaker.

Here is something to make shaving your legs easier; rest your foot on the pedestal to ensure no area is missed.

Keep your bathing area and products sorted with this shower wall organizer.

The greatest product to keep your shampoos and conditioner arranged with a three chamber dispenser.