Blac Chyna Flaunts Her Tiny Waist And Toned Body In Crop Top And Mini Skirt On Her Way To Night Club.

Blac Chyna Flaunts Her Tiny Waist And Toned Body In Crop Top And Mini Skirt On Her Way To Night Club. July 19, 2019

By now you’ve heard that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are no longer on the best of terms, especially after going on an Instagram rant where he dragged her name and body image through the mud, but now Chyna is fighting back, but with her wit, not her fists. Instead of screaming and shouting, Chyna has documented and shared her grueling workout on Snapchat after Rob revealed her secret weight-loss surgery.But Rob claimed that it was all thanks to a weight-loss surgery that he had paid for after she gave birth to their daughter.

Heads turned in West Hollywood as Chyna showed off her amazing figure to the world. We’d probably have done the same thing in her place.

The mother-of-two had slipped into a backless, jewel-encrusted crop top that showed off her tattoos as well as a figure that was to die for.

With a high-waist mini-skirt that was oh-so glitzy, Chyna’s waist to hip ratio was blindingly beautiful and model worthy.

Of course, she probably feels safer and more confident now that she was granted a restraining order against the father of her baby daughter Dream.

Naturally, she needed some shoes for her amazing ensemble so she found these sparkling sandals to accentuate her beautiful feet.

You wouldn’t be able to find any faults, even in her make-up. She also sported a lime-hued sleek bob as she made her way to the popular LA night club.

She certainly got plenty of that and more, particularly from photographers who inundated her with flashing cameras.

The relationship that started out beautifully, then went from rocky to a giant train wreck would take a toll on anyone, but for one night only, Chyna was able to put her troubles behind.

They certainly seemed pretty happy and they even got engaged in 2016 while expecting their first child, who was born in the fall of that year.

She had all the endearing qualities of the Kardashians as well as the looks of her mommy, Blac Chyna. Who knows? Maybe she’ll have her own reality show in a few years.

Rapper Rarri True was banned from the Designer Saturdays event after concerns were brought up over his behavior.

Her ex had posted a number of inappropriate photos of her along with accusations that she had been unfaithful to him, with not one, but several men.

So, since she wasn’t able to get his respect as the mother of his child, she has used the law to force as a means to get that respect from him thanks to celebrity lawyer, Lisa Bloom.

According to Chyna, she split up with Rob back in December and is absolutely sure that there’s no hope that they’ll ever get back together.

Chyna wanted everyone to know that what Rob did by posting nude photos online was unacceptable and that the law had her back.

Chyna stated that the surgery was supposed to remain a secret, but that he spilled the beans after the break up. Meanwhile, he claims that he was used and that she split after the surgery.

Sure, the surgery helped to a certain degree, but she showed off her workouts on social media to share with her followers how she got back in shape after giving birth to Dream.

Is it intense? Yes. Did she work up a sweat? Absolutely, because as Caitlyn Jenner once said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians back when he was Bruce, “if you’re not sweating then you’re not working out.”

So in one of the videos, she did some sit-ups with a pal as one of the many grueling workout routines that has helped Chyna tone her body.

Now that’s a great leg work-out. Plus, can you imagine how many calories you can burn doing this? Also, it’s a lot more fun than using a treadmill.

It’s firm and toned and Chyna owes it all to doing some squats on a regular basis. So that’s how Kim did it!

Rob’s allegations regarding Chyna’s alleged drug use and cheating have only served to make this beauty even stronger.

Chyna’s efforts have finally paid off, a fact that she’s proven by stepping out into the public eye and showing off her amazing figure.

Hopefully Rob can take a mental image of how she looks from the back, because that’s all he’ll see as she walks away from him every time.