13 Beautiful Acts Of Kindness That Left Me Teary-Eyed.

13 Beautiful Acts Of Kindness That Left Me Teary-Eyed. May 13, 2016

We hope these stories will inspire you to practice random acts of kindness often.Some kind people found a phone and went out of their way by placing signs all over.

Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohamad al-Arefe set a refrigerator outside that now serves as a food donation drop-off and pick-up point for people who need it.

In 2009, Daniel Black was paralyzed after breaking his neck in a cycling accident. He was determined to walk again and raised money for his surgery to get him back on his feet. But after reading the story of six-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Brecon Vaughan, who also needed surgery to help him walk again, Black gave him the $37,000 he had collected. Brecon had his operation in October 2013.

Fans hold up a handicapped friend at a Korn concert.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, many people were without electricity. This person was thoughtful of others.

These thoughtful people apologized in advance for their crying babies on their first flight.

Glen James was a homeless man who found a backpack stuffed with $42,000. He turned it over to the police rather than keeping it. After reading about his honest act, Ethan Whittington set up a fund for Glen and strangers from all over the world donated a total of $148,000. This kind, honest man is not homeless anymore.

This local cleaner offers free dry cleaning to unemployed people. Places like this make you want to do business with them.

A runner carries her competition to the finish line.

This man risked his life to save a kangaroo from a flood.

Faith in corporate humanity.

A NY police officer gave boots to a homeless man.

Harold Jellicoe Percival, a WWII war veteran, died a single man without friends or family. Sergeant Rick Clement asked others online to give former Bomber Command veteran the send off he deserved. It went viral and over 700 strangers attended his funeral. Some people drove hundreds of miles to pay their respects.