24 Amazing DIY Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Home.

24 Amazing DIY Ideas To Bring The Beach To Your Home. July 27, 2018

With summer upon us, you have to use every opportunity you can to go to the beach. Pack a picnic blanket (and maybe even a picnic), rub on that sunblock or sun tan lotion (whatever’s your preference), and enjoy a day in the sun. We don’t get to enjoy a sunny beach all year round so might as well indulge as much as you can when you can. And when you take all those visits to the beach, be sure to collect all the cool gems you find in the sand. You can partake in various DIY projects with these findings, especially if you want to create some home decor that’ll give your home a beachy vibe.Instead of your typical picture frame, create a memory jar out of a mason jar! Fill the jar with sand, place your photo inside and voila! Wrap the top of the jar with some rope for an added nautical look.

Create a mobile of sea glass hanging from one big starfish. The end result is quite gorgeous, especially if you use a combination of colored sea glass.

Tell me this doesn’t look cool. The layers are made from a mixture of sand grains and an adhesive.

Instead of filling lanterns with candles, fill them with seashells! They make super cute decor for anywhere in the house.

If you like to collect driftwood, make some neat art with it! Something even as simple as a fish shape will look great as wall decor.

Keep a beach theme in your bathroom by recreating these mason jar storage systems. Just decorate mason jars with rope, seashells, and starfishes!

Give those succulents an even more interesting look by decorating the planters with seashells! Never thought the two would go well together but I stand corrected.

Bring in positive energy into your household with this windchime! Use driftwoof, seashells, some buttons, and sparkly beads.

Another creative project for those of you who love to collect driftwood. Make a big hollow orb with it all for some rustic home decor.

If you have a whole collection of seashells or always find a bunch at the beach, use them to decorate one of your tables! Just attach the shells to the sides of the table.

Recreate these beachy bottles for some nice decor. All you need is a hot glue gun, jute twine, vintage bottles of any kind, and collected shells and starfish.

If you have a circular mirror, try decorating it with driftwood for a modern rustic look. Just outline the mirror with various lengths.

Decorate a wooden mantel with a rope containing starfishes and seashells for a beach vibe in your home. You guest will feel like they’re at the beach right when they see it.

Create your very own miniature aquarium for your home. No need to go out of your way to purchase a fish tank, you can use a simple wine glass for this one.

Become the mermaid you’ve always wanted to be by recreating these hair pins. Attach all your favorite shells to bobby pins with epoxy!

In addition to those seashell hair pins, recreate these necklaces to complete your whole mermaid look! Just attach a glass gem to a seashell with a drilled hole, paint glitter over it, and string a hemp cord through the drilled hole.

Make a shadow box that replicates a day at the beach. Add a picture background of waves, some real sand, and a few seashells.

Give your house a more beachy feel with a seashell garland. Just attach various seashells to any cord of your choosing. Or you could use twine for an extra beachy feel.

Even though we’re only half way into the year, it’s never too early to start on Christmas decorations! Recreate this playful ornament with some sand from the beach to save for the holidays.

Create your very own sand clay at home out of sand, cornflour, bi carb soda, and water. Use this clay to make footprints, handprints, or any fun shapes!

If you have stairs in your house, wrap the bannister with some nautical rope and decorate it with starfishes and pine branches. It’ll add a mossy look.

Use deep shells like scallops, clams, and quahogs. They burn the longest since they can hold the most amount of wax. These would be great for a romantic dinner.

Create your own fishnet by following the pattern for tying the rope shown in this photo. This can be used as home decor.

If you have a big mirror, try covering the borders with a bunch of different seashells. Of course, only if you have access to a lot of them.