Teenage Girls Filmed Beating Up Boy For Protecting His Autistic Friend.

Teenage Girls Filmed Beating Up Boy For Protecting His Autistic Friend. June 23, 2018

What would you do if you saw someone in trouble, and the only way to help them was to step in and direct that trouble at yourself? We like to think that we’d immediately sacrifice ourselves and our safety, but when it comes down to it, the decision might be harder than you think. But one 18-year-old boy proved that fighting battles for those that can’t is always an option — you just have to be brave enough to do it. Here’s the story: An autistic teen in Bristol, UK was being relentlessly bullied by two classmates, girls who didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with taunting and harassing one of their peers. The teen’s friend, Jake Andrews, saw how he was being treated and decided to step in. What happened next is completely horrific, but it’s also a great reminder that there are still people in the world willing to put others before themselves. Learn about Andrews’ heroism during this intense scene in the story below.Jake Andrews saw two young women picking on his autistic friend, who decided to get involved. Another friend filmed the encounter, wherein the two girls grabbed him and repeatedly kicked him in the stomach and chest.

She then dragged Andrews to one side and throws him over a hedge, throwing her fists at him before shouting: ”F**ing hit me again and watch me get you killed.”

Andrews was left with marks on his forehead, scratches, lumps and a sore jaw and headache, and the police are involved.

Jake decided to post it online, and its been watched more than 600,000 times since it was posted Thursday. His mom has voiced her opinion about it, stating how proud she is of her son for defending his friend and practicing peaceful resistance. “I think he put it on Facebook because he wanted to get the message out there that violent behavior was just not acceptable,” she said. ‘We brought him up not to hit girls, and the footage really shows that. As a mom I just could not watch it. I saw the first kick and I haven’t been able to see the rest of it. We are proud of him.”

**Check out the actual footage below. Warning: This clip depicts some intense violence.**