Two-Legged Dog Beats The Odds And Survives Car Accident During Family Vacation.

Two-Legged Dog Beats The Odds And Survives Car Accident During Family Vacation. August 14, 2019

Anyone with a family pet could agree that they’re not just an animal, they’re a member of the family. Once this connection is established, you would do anything for your little furry babies. That’s how these pet owners feel about their beloved special-needs boxer, Duncan Lou Who. A lot of you may have seen Duncan’s YouTube video of him visiting the beach for the first time. Duncan has captured hearts all over the world with his strength and persistence, and this time it’s no different. After a horrible car accident, Duncan proves once again that he can beat any odds.Duncan Lou Who was born with his back legs fused together and a severely deformed pelvis. Luckily, a family that is full of love, brought him into their home.

Since the family runs a pet adoption service called Panda Paws Rescue, they knew what they had to do. The family consists of Amanda Giese, Gary Walters, and their two children, Beast and Jade.

About thirty minutes after his surgery, Duncan was ready to get moving. They attempted to put a wheelchair on Duncan, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

Along with having his back legs amputated, Duncan has an autoimmune disease and his heart has stopped twice! Both times the boxer was given CPR and brought back to life.

Since his internet debut, Duncan made a guest appearance on the “Today Show” and “The Queen Latifah Show.”

Beast swerved to the right to avoid oncoming traffic. In doing this, a horrible accident occurred. Beast hit two poles and rolled the car several times. The whole family, including their daughter Jade, was alright.

Thankfully, two out of their three dogs were found nearby the vehicle. Unfortunately, Duncan was ejected from the vehicle and was nowhere to be found.

Amanda immediately posted online to inform people about Duncan being lost. Gary and Beast spent hours looking for Duncan near the scene of the accident.

The search seemed to be going nowhere, until a trucker called Amanda. He said he had heard about Duncan at the gas station and had seen him roaming around a rock quarry.

After about an hour and a half, a volunteer spotted Duncan. Jade offered him a cookie, and Duncan ran right over to her!

“We were thrilled and amazed that Duncan had traveled so far on his own and had managed to survive the night in bear and wolf country,” Gary said. Nothing is keeping this pup down!

Gary wants people to know he’s grateful for the support. “This is not only a story of Duncan’s survival — it’s a story of humanity. We can’t thank people enough who dropped what they were doing to come out and help look for our dog.”