Beauty Pageant Winners On The Catwalk Vs Real Life.

Beauty Pageant Winners On The Catwalk Vs Real Life. December 30, 2018

Beauty queens are known to be, well, beautiful. It’s in their name. They enter pageants and competitions to compete against other women from all over the world. These competitions require their contestants to wear extravagant gowns and excessive amounts of makeup. Their transformations are so drastic that you might not even recognize them off the catwalk or so you may think. A lot of these women actually look just as beautiful without all that heavy makeup. Take a look at some of the photos below of beauty queens from various countries including Venezuela, the Philippines, Columbia, and many more.From looking fabulous on stage as Miss Universe in 2015 to looking just as beautiful with a bare face.

From strutting down the catwalk as Miss World in 2013 to hanging out in her pajamas.

From almost breaking into tears as Miss Universe in 2006 to hanging out in the ocean with a mud mask on.

From dancing adorably when she won Miss World in 2012 to spending the day in her cultural threads.

From beaming with beauty as Miss Universe in 2013 to eating a cake in her kitchen.

From sitting on her throne as Miss World in 2009 to hanging out in the park.

From glowing with radiance while dolled up as Miss World in 2002 to giving the same bright smile with barely any makeup on.

From looking fierce as Miss Universe 2011 to hanging with friends in her flannel.

From receiving flowers on stage as Miss Universe 2012 to receiving flowers offstage in her overalls.

From smiling with pride as the new Miss Universe in 2005 to smiling with love with her baby daughter.

From looking gorgeous as Miss World in 2008 to cooking delicious macarons in casual wear.

From serving looks while all glammed up as Miss Universe in 2008 to still serving looks all casual.

From posing with her mini globe as Miss World in 2010 to posing in a typical outfit from her wardrobe.

From beautifully being overwhelmed with joy as Miss Universe in 2010 to looking mischievous off the stage.

From looking like a princess as Miss World in 2011 to looking like the girl next door in a white t-shirt.

From being all dolled up on stage as Miss World in 2014 to being cozy in bed.

From beautifully smiling in her red gown as Miss Universe in 2009 to slumming it down in her t-shirt.

From smiling on stage as Miss Universe in 2014 to bumming down in cozy clothes and her glasses.

From posing with grace as Miss Universe in 2007 to posing with strength in her uniform.

From beaming on the red carpet as Miss World in 2015 to hanging out in her natural habitat.