7 Wacky Beauty Trends That Are Too Crazy To Ignore.

7 Wacky Beauty Trends That Are Too Crazy To Ignore. January 3, 2019

Our day-to-day beauty regimen can be extremely dull at times. With the daily use of the same beauty products, you might sometimes feel like you are in the middle of a beauty rut. That’s where trying out a new beauty trend can help shake things up a bit. Beauty trends are sometimes downright wacky. But don’t worry if you aren’t a risk taker with your makeup as you can always go for the classic looks. But where most people prefer to go down a safe and easy road, some trendsetters have opted for something different. Here are some of the wildest trends that are favored by fashion gurus.Unicorns are undoubtedly people’s favorite imaginary creatures. They might be a fantasy but they have influenced us in such a way that they’re even included in our makeup routine with the introduction of the newest fad, the Unicorn Eyeliner. In this trend, instead of applying a solid line to the upper lid, a bright and whimsical unicorn horn is drawn.

During the festive periods of the year, fashion lovers leave no stone unturned to add that celebratory feel to their outfits and make-up regimen. You can add the holiday cheer to your look by incorporating your traditional cat-eyes with candy-cane patterns. You can create this look simply by using red and white liquid eyeliners. We sure love our candy canes but candy prints on our eyelids are just bizarre.

We’ve heard about many eerie beauty trends but this one outdid all the others. Makeup lovers are always coming up with new and innovative ways to optimize the utilization of their beauty products, hence the silicon bra makeup applicators. Since they don’t absorb foundation, the usage of the product is minimal, and cleaning them is a breeze.

If you are a fan of neon colors or even just bored with regular dyes, you might want to try some glow-in-the-dark hair dye instead. Although it looks pretty cool in the dark, it can be a little creepy waking up to glowing strands of hair in the middle of the night.

Nail art has been around the corner for a while now, but what’s new now is hair art. Some people in Madrid, Spain developed this pixelated hair art inspired by Mario Bros. When your hair is in motion, it looks like multi-colored highlights, but when they lay flat, the quirky Mario designs are visible. While all you daring experimental types might opt for this weird hair art, we will surely stick to decorative hair clips and headbands.

A good primer is a prized possession for every makeup lover. But beauty gurus have come up with the oddest alternative to this beauty essential. They’ve started using Vagisil cream all over their face. They claim that the silicone content in the cream provides the perfect base for dry skin. Whatever the case might be, all this just sounds ridiculously gross.

Most women are undoubtedly obsessed with scented vanity, at least that’s what Too Faced had in mind when they created a dessert inspired eyebrow pencil. They chose a crowd pleaser with the brownie scent, but we are still trying to figure out the benefits of an extremely tempting smelling eyebrow pencil.