30 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know, #19 Really Works.

30 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Know, #19 Really Works. December 8, 2017

Most women feel they spend a lot of time on their hair, makeup, and getting dressed. Anything to save time is always appreciated. The following is a list of the top beauty hacks that were suggested by other women. #9 is a tip I’ve been using for 10 years.No more worry. Get some nail glue or super glue and glue it back. Reapply as needed.

Applying Vaseline on your teeth will keep your white stay pearl as lipstick will not stick on it

Use green tea bag as eye mask to remove dark circles.

Mix hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, tooth paste, water, and use as mouthwash.

Put your mascara in a cup of hot water for five minutes.

Blot your lips with tissue and dust with translucent powder after applying lipstick.

You just need a rubber band.

Use eyeliner to draw a weave effect and blend them.

Liquid liner can be difficult to apply straight so use a piece of scotch tape under your lash line.

Make a double braid from your hair and just cut sticking out hair

Don’t worry. Spray alcohol to your eyeshadow. To stick the powder again, push it with coin wrapped by tissue.

Test it on your neck, not your face.

Use tweezer a supporting tool for shaping eyebrow

As the weather gets cold, lips will get dry. Apply the mix of sugar and honey on your lips. Staying hydrated will help with dry lips too.

Use warm water and vinegar to clean your brushes, don’t just throw them away.

Secure the cap with rubber band.

Just spray your favorite perfume to your brush

Apply shiny loose powder and pink eye shadow in the inner corner of your eyes.

Make your blackhead mask by baking soda and squeezed orange. Let it for half hour and wash them

Use shimmery eye shadow in the center of lower lips then add glittery eye shadow on the center of lips.

Rather than wait for hours to wait, air dry your polished nail by a bowl of cold water and ice cubes.

Conceal your philtrum and around the corner of your lips by concealer.

Spray with hairspray before placing it in hair.

Mix clear nail polish with the sparkly eye shadow that you avoid to use because it’s too sparkling.

Make a scrub by brown sugar, olive oil, and honey.

Paint your boring black bobby pins with nail polish.

Spray your perfume not only around neck and clothes but also to your hair and behind knees.

Mix unflavored seltzer with sea salt and put in in spray bottle

Combing your baby hair with tooth brush and hair spray will get them back to their place.

Hair conditioner is the best substitute product.