Women Reveal Common Mistakes Men Make In Bed

Women Reveal Common Mistakes Men Make In Bed November 12, 2017

Women are usually blamed for being complicated and making it impossible to understand them. And men find it extremely insulting when they find out they are unable to please a woman. Well now, women themselves are opening up about the most common mistakes men make in bed.Women are all about the romantic environment. It is not necessary to always set a romantic environment but it is a good idea to do it sometimes, making things more exciting.

Foreplay is really important to women. They get relaxed and feel comfortable with their partners.

Excitement is important but women hate it when men get a bit too hasty. They feel violated when men move too fast without understanding her needs.

Most women are shy to speak out. But their body language reveals everything and they hate it when men completely ignore it even if she is giving clear signs.

Most women like it when men are a little loud in bed. And they like it when they make the right amount of noise.

It’s important to listen to what your partner wants and let your partner know what you want.

Most men assume that when they are done, their partner is satisfied too. But that is rarely the case.

Women have a sensitive body and do not find it pleasing when they’re treated harshly.

Men usually don’t fully understand women’s bodies. It is always important to learn the erogenous zones.

Yes, women do love an adventurous side in men but when it gets too much, it’s just exhausting and not fun.

Passionately kissing is fine, but getting all sloppy during it is complete turn off.

Women and men are very different and have different bodies. And they need to be treated differently else it’s just uncomfortable.

You can tell her how you want things, but being bossy is never the answer.

Women hate it when men force their likes and dislikes on them. Your favorite position might be uncomfortable for her.

Women feel comfortable when men talk to them openly about the experience. It increases the intimacy and relaxes both partners.