Before/After Photos Of This Rescue Dog Reveal The Transforming Power Of Love.

Before/After Photos Of This Rescue Dog Reveal The Transforming Power Of Love. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

This past Valentine’s Day, the non-profit corporation Happy Animals Club shared their love by rescuing a little dog they later called Professor. He was in extremely poor condition, a heartbreaking sight that most of us would never want to see. He was covered in fleas and so malnourished that some of his teeth were falling out. As you’ll see in the photos below, he had a large abscess, ehrlichiosis, mange, and a fungal infection And that’s not all. He also had worm infestation that led to chronic diarrhea and dehydration. Most people would have probably given up but they didn’t. Thanks to their talented vet, financial supporters who helped back his recovery, and dedicated staff members, Professor slowly regained his health. Scroll further to see this pup’s amazing recovery. ***Warning: This story contains graphic images, and may not be suitable for all viewers. Please proceed with caution.***While many of us were celebrating romance or moping about it, the Davao City-based team at Happy Animals Club was out doing what they do best — saving lives. On this particular day, they rescued Professor, who weighed only about 8 pounds at the time that this photo was taken.

It’s heartbreaking to look at this photo, where his pelvic bones and spine are visible.

They started by running him through the bath. Poor Professor was covered in fleas.

Who knew how long it was since he had his last meal? The team fed him a special type of food for sick animals called Royal Canin Recovery. He had to be fed little by little through a syringe, otherwise he’d get sick.

We know that this one is incredibly difficult to look at, but staff members couldn’t get distracted if they wanted to nurse him back to health. Note the dark spot at his tail. This spot is necrotic skin, a condition that occurs when a skin region doesn’t receive enough blood and oxygen. It later fell off, creating an open wound.

Although it took some time, he was able to help himself to some water. The team wrote on their official site, “The sight of Professor eating and drinking always gave us joy.”

His abscess burst, leaving behind an exposed wound. Because of his digestive problems, he also suffered from diarrhea.

The team was hopeful and patient. After some time, the wound began to close up. Sometimes, when things are bad, it’s hard to believe that they can get better. Proper love and care can change so much.

The team soon learned about this little dog’s love for belly rubs, which they gave him as often as possible.

Professor’s fur began to grow on his body.

The fur on his face began to grow back as well! You can see the change in his eyes as well!

Now, this smile was worth all the work, wasn’t it? Here’s Professor on the way back from the vet.

Just three months after he was rescued, his coat looked like this. He looks like a completely different dog! Here he is with Ken, the heart behind the operations at Happy Animals Club.

The team at Happy Animals Club had help from Doc Bayani’s Animal Wellness Clinic. who provided expert medical care, and Dr. Clarence and Janet Hawkins of New York, who gave advice on debridement, or the removal of damaged tissue from Professor’s wound.

He has nearly doubled in weight since last February!

“Professor bonded with [us],” wrote the crew on their page. “[He] went from being a zombie dog to a friendly lapdog who loves to run up and greet people he knows.” We know that this pup is in good hands and that donations made to the club are resulting in real change. Thank you so much, Happy Animals Club! You’re doing an amazing job!

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