Before And After Photos Show The Power Of Art To Transform Boring Buildings.

Before And After Photos Show The Power Of Art To Transform Boring Buildings. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you look around you, you’ll realize the world is filled with empty canvases. Art can be created onto any platform. Every town is filled with empty walls that are often overlooked. Fortunately for us, every society has a handful of artists who have the creative eye to transform all these blank boring walls into something exciting to look at. They’re determined to turn the world into a public art gallery and so far it looks like they’re succeeding. Check out some of the amazing street art transformations below. We’ve provided a before photo for each one just so you can see how drastic the transformation was.The infamous kiss recreated onto a blank wall with vibrant colors as the background.

The side of what looks like an apartment complex building painted over to look like more windows and a center pathway.

A plain wall and big tree transformed into a mural of a big girl watering a smaller tree.

A pale blue colored building recreated into a starry galaxy of blue and purple hues.

A circular block transformed into a drum with an illustration of Ringo Starr from the Beatles on the wall behind it.

A plain wall transformed to look like two separate buildings with a lake or ocean in the background.

A photorealistic mural of an old man in his onesie holding a big black pipe added to the side of a building.

A unique mural of a girl sitting on top of a colorful umbrella that’s on top of grey umbrellas on a tall plain wall.

Two plain panels that are on the same side of a building that are now depicting a huge mural of a bright and vibrant bird.

Two inverted images of each other on one brick wall: sky and brick clothes versus brick and sky clothes.

A whole town of plain white-colored homes painted over with vibrant colors that depicts swirls when looked at overall.

A plain wall transformed to depict a serene scene of a treehouse in front of a lake and mountains.

A fun mural of a dog taking a dive in some water on a small wall separating two buildings.

The top portion of a building transformed from old graffiti to a mural of children playing on a bunch of strings held up by a big set of hands.

A photorealistic mural of a man holding a bird added to the blank side of a brown building.

A side of a building illustrated to look like an apartment complex filled with doors, windows, and people.

Two connecting buildings painted over to create one overall big scene of a sailboat riding along a lake with a hot air balloon up above.

A plain side of a building transformed to look like a brick wall with men working on construction.

The side of one building illustrated to look like several colorful buildings.

A building’s corner with some graffiti markings transformed into a beautiful mural of an owl with haunting eyes.

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