Before And After Photos Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking

Before And After Photos Show What Happens When You Stop Drinking March 31, 2023Leave a comment

This girl is proof that if you use your time for working out instead of drinking you can tone yourself up in no time.

Alcohol adds extra empty calories to your diet which can make it hard to reach your fitness goals, which is why most athletes don’t drink!

It looks like this guy may have gotten behind the wheel after drinking, which is never a good thing.

He clearly cleaned his act up and is looking better than ever. Here you can see the improvement year by year after he stopped drinking–what a transformation!

Not everyone has to give up drinking completely, many of us can have a healthy relationship with alcohol. However, there is no getting around the fact that it can have some nasty effects on the body.

To prevent hangovers and to help repair your body from a night of drinking, it’s essential to drink Hangover Tea. It consists of a specific formula to zing you back to life after the devastating dehydrating effects of alcohol. It’s better than water–it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, to keep you feeling 100%. Hangover Tea.

This guy’s face says it all. He looks like a completely different person without alcohol.

He looks more alive than ever, just look at those eyes. He’s lost weight and looks to have a lot more energy than before. This is only seven months sober, too!

A lot of people seem to have water retention in their faces when they’re heavy drinkers, and this woman is an example of that.

Not only does she look thinner, but her skin looks way healthier after she stopped drinking. Good for her.

This guy wants to remind everyone who is trying to stop drinking to take it one day at a time. Being sober can be difficult, especially during stressful times.

But he wants you to know if he can do it, anyone can. Just look at how much healthier he looks after he stopped drinking. He lost a bunch of weight and gained mental clarity, not to mention, stronger willpower!

A good way to start your sobriety journey, or if you’re trying to slow down on your alcohol consumption, is by using Hangover Tea to heal your body from the not so fun effects of alcohol. There are two flavors, Blissberry, and Green Tea, both packed with ingredients that help your body regain its normal ph balance.

The reason you get an upset stomach and headache from drinking is because your body is working overtime to eliminate the toxins, so it flushes EVERYTHING out, not just the bad. What’s almost magical about this tea is that it has kudzu root, which has been used for centuries to curb alcohol cravings and hangover side effects. It also helps keep your heart healthy, which is essential for overcoming the dreaded hangover.

This woman clearly hurt herself during a night of too much drinking.

Thankfully she is okay and has a good sense of humor about it (just look at her mug). Today, she is sober and not hurt–would you look at that!

Another prime example of how goo sobriety looks.

Not only is she healthier all around, but she also looks so much younger and happier being sober. Here’s to many more years like this!

This transformation is only three months in and look how great she looks already. From sloppy to put together. She obviously looks way happier in the photo to the right.

The beauty just radiates from her face. We’re rooting for her! According to her own submission on Reddit, she states, “It’s still obviously early days for me and I’m working hard and making sure I go to meetings. Keep up the hard work and take it one day at a time and try and get to an AA meeting if you can. I was really apprehensive at first but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”.

Sometimes it takes many tries to get sober, and sometimes you can lose a lot along the way. This woman is proof that you can do it, even if you think you’ve already messed everything up. She also shared her feelings and story on Reddit, receiving a lot of positivity from fellow journeyers: “One year ago New Year’s Day I woke up and didn’t know how I got home from work. I was still in my work clothes. I had planned on getting off work at 7 pm and coming home to my family to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Instead, I started drinking before my shift and from what I was told the next day I was put in a cab by my employer around 6 pm that evening.

I lost my job. In the last year, I have repaired my relationships. I started a new career. I work out to replace endorphins. I am free. Free of the fear this disease would kill me and the growing alarm that time was running out, and something bad would happen soon. That I would wake up from a blackout with consequences I could never fix.”.

www.reddit.com When battling addiction, deceit and sneaky behavior always take over your mind. This woman has a first-hand experience with what it’s like on the other side. She shared her story on Reddit, as well, “For me, one of the immediate gifts of sobriety was relief in no longer having to sneak or lie.

That weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Sobriety cleared up a lot of head space for me. I have the time and the energy to do things now. I’ve turned the energy I used to drink into energy used for doing things that are new, interesting, and fun.” After in Rome! www.reddit.com She reminds us that you don’t have to be boring living a sober life, something everyone needs to remember!

Another reason why Hangover Tea is an amazing product is because it can help you during your journey to slow down on drinking. You won’t suffer from the dreaded hangover so you can maximize your time doing productive things, but you will also probably want to drink less, thanks to the kudzu root. It also has electrolytes and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the elderberry and hibiscus flower.

The truth is, this tea is healthy and beneficial for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. It comes in a two-step process. The Blissberry at night to start the healing process, and the Green Tea in the morning to keep the process going while giving you a non-jittery boost of caffeine to start your day. One of the best parts about this two-step process is it will have your mind thinking about drinking tea versus booze–one step closer to a healthier lifestyle.

After realizing she was drinking too much, this woman got herself in check and ended up losing 35lbs.

Not only that, but she said on Reddit, that she started to feel like yourself again.

From double fisting beer to a more positive lifestyle, this girl knows how to keep a sense of humor, which definitely helps during this process.

She shares her experience via Reddit, “Just thought I’d post a before and after photo. Left is me, a few months ago (why the hell did I always order two drinks at a time, what a psycho), and right is like, maybe an hour ago, modeling in front of my $7.99 fan from the bodega.”.

A true positive transformation for this woman. She celebrated one year of sobriety with a race–and she even won a medal. From her own words on Reddit, “One year ago, I got in a fight with myself and I lost.

When I woke up (on the floor) the next morning, I knew that was it. I was done. I would never have a guilt-free drink again.”.

When this guy started his unhealthy relationship with alcohol he realized his body was going through some not so fun changes, including weight gain and hair loss, “Year three in college I was getting fatter with less hair.

I started getting bad anxiety and depression. The photo on the right is me one-and-a-half years sober.” As you can see, when he changed his drinking habits he became a much healthier person–just look at all that hair!

So once again, if you’re going to drink, you should do things to actively combat the negative effects.

Again, not everyone has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but everyone needs a little boost to keep their bodies feeling 100%. Hangover Tea.

When you make the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, there are many changes that follow. Including mental and physical changes that can be rather shocking. This guy has made it to the sixth-month mark and had this to say via Reddit, “I made it to six months. Half a year of sobriety.

When I started this, I didn’t think to take a picture of myself because I didn’t realize there would be physical as well as mental changes. The before picture was taken Halloween 2015. That night I would get blackout drunk, fight with my girlfriend, and throw up all over her bathroom. The after picture is from this afternoon after returning from a weekend away at the house of a family member.”.

This woman is almost hard to recognize. In a short period of time, she has managed to drastically change her physical appearance as well as her mental state.

She reminds us that this process is a journey and that she’s taking it day by day, “Today I feel like a completely different person. Today I am still a work-in-progress and a dash of a hot mess, but I am a million times happier. I found my self-worth, I found some confidence, and I found people that really honestly care about me.” We’re rooting for her!

Another prime example of how humor is everything, this mans expression is priceless. This is his reaction to his before picture and old face.

He is a man of few words regarding his recovery but gives everyone a bit of hope regarding this transition, “I don’t attend AA but may in the future. There are plenty of aids, just keep your head up and avoid iffy situations.”.

Another great comparison photo is this girl’s one year photo.

She looks like a whole new woman and that dress has never looked better. If the outside looks this good imagine the improvements on the inside.

This woman is hard to recognize, in the best way possible.

It’s insane how much better she looks after adopting a sober lifestyle. It’s not easy, but she is proof it’s worth it.

This man is seven years sober and looking fabulous.

He commented on Reddit that he didn’t even know there was that big of a difference until he saw the photo on the right. What a boost of confidence to all of those battling to stay sober!

If this photo isn’t proof that taking care of your body can make you look younger than I don’t know what is.

This woman looks 10 years younger just 99 days after she decided to stop drinking. This transformation is insane.

Another sober person that looks years younger.

This man lost a lot of weight and looks much healthier then before. We’re definitely rooting for him.

Sobriety looks good on you. Just look at that chiseled face.

He looks like a healthier happier version of himself. Let’s hope he sticks with it–we’re rooting for him!

Perhaps the most dramatic transformation yet, this couple made a complete life change.

One year sober and seriously looking better than ever, they’re killing this whole sober thing.

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