25 Fancy Benches That Are Almost Too Good To Sit On.

25 Fancy Benches That Are Almost Too Good To Sit On. October 1, 2018

Benches are usually public seating areas throughout a city. They’re typically seen at parks, outside of buildings, lakes, and bus stops. Many of them are similar as they all share the same standard design. Sometimes the only difference you might notice between two different benches is the color. However, these are not the only benches that exist. There are actually many different creative benches that have very unique designs. Of course, they’re spread out among the world — some in America, others overseas. Since we can’t physically experience and sit on all of these unique benches, we’ve got the second best thing: photos to look at them.A sitting area made out of hammocks. What’s a greater lounge spot than this? Can someone make a few of these in America ASAP?

Never worry about sitting on a wet seat after a day of rain with this bench! I wish all benches were like this.

Several big benches that you can fit a small group of people on. But they’re not just your average bench, not only can you rest your back against them but you can also spin in them!

This particular bench got its inspiration from a seesaw. It has two chairs connected to a center curved base. When people sit in each chair, the curved base swings just like a seesaw.

A bench that literally tells a story. This concept is cool for not only fans of the book, but anyone who appreciates literature!

It may look like an average standard bench at first glance, but take a second look and you’ll notice that there’s a slight curve on one of the seats. It looks like it’s perfect for holding objects and (more importantly) naps!

A cool little hangout for a large or small group. Definitely a bench I could see myself lounging on for hours.

A bench designed for great comfort and potential naps! But the best part is that it lights up at night time.

Some bus stops just aren’t clear about what exactly they are. No one would ever mistaken this bus stop for anything else than what it is!

It’s one long platform that acts both as a seat and table at the same time. The perfect bench to come to when you want to have a sit-down meal or have some work you need to do.

A very cool concept for a bench that holds several seats or a set of bleachers! Someone could even create a hidden message here if they wanted to.

Have you ever thought what it would be like to sit in the middle of a lake? Maybe even hang out or eat a meal there? Well people in Austria can.

A standard bench in the middle but with sides that spirals out into a unique design. A place where you can either sit or play.

They look like big life sized tulips but when you pull down a half of the flower, it becomes a seat! All it’s missing is a few leaves and maybe a green stem.

This bench has a very sleek and modern look but the best part about it is its unique print design is that it lights up from within when nighttime falls.

A little creepy but cool at the same time. I wonder if anyone actually sits in between the two hands.

What’s cooler than a robot bench? Nothing else really. I mean how many people in the world can say they’ve sat on a robot?

A creative design that allows multiple people to lay on the bench simultaneously. I wouldn’t mind spending the afternoon sun-bathing on this.

What’s better than a bench that provides a free hat for you? Who needs a tree for shade when you have ginormous hats providing that for you?

Unique small individual benches that resemble big black pebbles. Another cool place to come and hang out with a few friends or have a small meeting.

They look like the type of seats you would typically see on the sides of a pool but without a backing. It doesn’t get much more modern or hip looking than this.

The design is quite adorable and artsy but I can’t help but to wonder whether or not it’s comfortable to sit on.

An area where people can both sit regularly on a nice day or lounge after a long hard day. Killing two birds with one stone.

A bench that looks like it was create from one of the wooden planks on the ground. This is as creative as it gets!