25 Bento-Box Masterpieces That It Would Be A CRIME To Eat.

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Baymax from Big Hero 6 made out of rice and nori accompanied by vegetables and chicken tenders.

A bento is a home-packed meal in Japanese cuisine. A traditional bento is usually composed of rice, some type of protein (fish or meat), and pickled or cooked vegetables inside a box container. Such bentos can be found at various stores in Japan but the special bentos are the ones made and prepared from home. Bentos are usually created in a style called "kyraben" which means "character bento." This style usually involves the food to look like popular characters from Japanese comic books, video game characters or cartoons. Well although bentos originated from Japan, they are being made from people all around the world. Instead of just mimicking Japanese characters, we see bentos made to look like American cartoons and other fictional characters as well! Check out some of the most creative bentos below.
bento monsters

Sleeping Rilakkuma bear made out of ketchup rice covered in egg blankets.

If you want a more brown-colored bear, you can use soy sauce or teriyaki sauce in substitution of ketchup.
bento monsters

Stormtrooper made out of rice and nori and BB-8 composed of quail eggs, nori and carrots from Star Wars.

bento monsters

Meta Knight composed of rice, seasoned seaweed, and sesame seeds (for the mask) equipped with a cheese sword and cabbage wings.


Charlie Brown made out of ketchup rice (his head), omelette egg (his shirt), and nori (pants) hugging Snoopy composed of rice, nori (ears), and an olive (nose).

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Spongebob Square Pants made from a whole grain bread topped off with mortadella and cheese accompanied by crackers and vegetables.

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Hello Kitty made from pink rice (colored with pink sushi mix), egg, kamaboko and nori on top of a lettuce background.

bento monsters

A venti Starbucks frappucino composed of a combination of brown and white rice accompanied by peas, an egg, and some treats.


Batman made out of ketchup rice (face), ham (blush), nori (suit), and egg (batman sign).

bento monsters

Superman made out of rice ketchup (face), fishcake (coloured blue using butterfly/blue pea flower for shirt), nori (hair and eyes), ham (blush), cheese and red bell peppers (details).

bento monsters

Super Mario made from rice (colored using tomato sauce and deco furi), ham (mario sign and blue overalls made with food coloring), nori (face details), and egg (eyes) accompanied by stars and question mark boxes made out of egg omelette.

bento monsters

Domokun composed of rice and pork floss with face features made out of red bell pepper, blueberry and cheese in a bed of broccoli and accompanied by sweet and sour chicken and egg.

bento monsters

A huge spring extravaganza filled with ham and cheese sandwiches, animal onigiri, quail egg chicks in a soba nest, veggie flowers, and some tuna salad.

Laura Nguyen

Monkey Magic from Ouendan made out of ketchup rice and plain rice with imitation crab meat and fish cake used for his facial features.


Nekobus made from ketchup rice and cheese accompanied by Totoro made out of rice with ground black sesame seed and a bit of salt with salmon flakes inside and chibi-Totoro made out of quail egg, fish cake and black sesame seeds


Sea creatures composed of hot dogs and hard boiled egg on a bed of plain rice bordered by lettuce.


Pikachu made out of potato salad wrapped with egg sheet, egg sheet on cheese (ears, leggs, and tail), seaweed (eyes and stripes), and the pink part of fish cake (cheeks) accompanied by Mr. Game & Watch made entirely out of seaweed.

The super mushroom was made out of quail egg and cherry tomato on top, cheese for its spots, and seaweed for its eyes.

A campfire with cheese flames on top of a carrot pit over peas and corn on a bed of plain rice.


Totoro made from rice mixed with black sesame seeds, fishcake (eyes), seaweed (eyes and nose) and dried sea kelp (whiskers) on top of meatballs and broccoli accompanied by sunflowers made out of egg, sausage, and asparagus.


A sony playstation game controller made entirely out of rice wrapped in nori.


Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle made from rice wrapped in blanched lettuce, cheese, nori and tomato eating pizza which is actually fish cake with sausage, bell peppers and cheese as toppings.

bento monsters

A snowman composed of plain rice, carrot (scarf) and a mushroom as a hat with vegetable presents and a cucumber Christmas tree.


The Powerpuff Girls made out of fishcake (mixed with food coloring for the eye colors) on a bed of plain rice surrounded by vegetables.


The Sun Maid Raisin Girl made out of red bell peppers carrying a basket of vegetables on top of a bed of both plain and purple rice.

Amorette Dye

Jawa from Star Wars made out of forbidden rice (face), carrot sticks (eyes), philly style steak tofurkey (body and hood) under a purple cabbage sky walking along the Tatooine desert composed of pita with white bean & chickpea spread.