This Family’s Annual Card Tradition Shows How To Win At Christmas.

This Family’s Annual Card Tradition Shows How To Win At Christmas. November 1, 2019

Christmas is the season to be jolly, sing seasonal carols, let go of past resentments, and write extremely awkward Christmas cards! I mean, you could stick to a regular card that portrays the spirit of generosity and goodness that’s associated to the holiday, sure. But if you want to stand out this year, then take note from this hilarious family that found a way to keep it real, (as in, REAL AWKWARD!) for 13 years. Meet the Bergerons, a lovely family who loves dressing up for the holidays, so much so, that their most recent 2016 photo got more than 340,000 views online. One look at their hilariously weird Christmas cards, and you’ll understand why this family has been breaking the internet for more than a decade.Thirteen, to be more precise! They’ve been the life of the party each year, as they try on new costumes and find new ways to make everyone giggle at their hilariously awkward Christmas cards.

In 2004, they came up with a pretty trashy rendition of what they’d look like if they loved fireworks, smokes and booze, even though Laura was pregnant. Fortunately, it’s just for kicks! Laura wasn’t really pregnant in 2004. Phew!

Particularly because Mike had always given his family and close friends special gifts that represented how much he cared about them. After he turned 30, finding a way to show his affection became increasingly hard, so he started thinking of other ways to surprise them.

Needless to say, the card was a massive success with their relatives, and the couple found a new way to share some joy with the people they love. After all, giving someone an object and expecting it to be meaningful kind of gets old after a few years, don’t you think?

The hilariously awkward duo’s card is a gift that keeps on giving, as the family is cheerfully expecting and anticipating what they’re going to dress up as each year. And after pulling off some of the most bizarre Christmas cards each year you’d expect them to run out of ideas pretty fast. But not the Bergerons!

Their Christmas cards have gone viral, with some of them getting more than 300,000 views online. People from all over the world are probably expecting their new creation, as much as their family members and friends.

In order to get photos they like, they have to snap, snap, snap, snap, and then snap once more. According to Mike, you need to take “like 50 pictures to get one right,” but the hassle’s obviously worth it, as they nail it year after year.

They faked a pregnancy, donned bald caps, and dressed as complete nerds. They spend a ton of time preparing each look, going through the details that would sell their awkward photoshoots, like Mike’s hilarious comb-over and Laura’s bizarre smirk.

I mean, where do we start? That hilariously bad monobrow is just as painful as Mike’s awful blazer. Thankfully, this family’s hairy situation is only pretend! It almost makes you want to reach through the screen and tweeze those suckers up, am I right?!

Take a look at this dark gothic family! The essence of their demonic love decided to unfold from the depths of hell, reaching the surface of our world for just one night. Fortunately, a camera caught this eerie moment!

They wanted to make their family and friends’ year with a sparkling Christmas card that was all kinds of groovy. With funky leotards, disco-inspired hairdos, and the kind of playful cheesiness you could only find in the 70s, the Bergerons managed to knock that year’s card out of the park!

Mom seems to be sporting a 5 o’ clock shadow, while dad is looking softer than usual. The beautiful kiddies are opting for more masculine outfits, ditching the traditional feminine dresses they usually wear during Christmas. They make quite the handsome family, even if their identities have been reversed!

Just imagine how much fun it would be to have the Bergeron family over for Christmas? We’re pretty sure they’d be the life of the party with their awfully bad fashion choices! I mean, celebrating bad sweaters, awful hairdos, and tacky hats is what Christmas is all about, am I right?