The Best Drone Pics Of 2017 Have Just Been Announced.

The Best Drone Pics Of 2017 Have Just Been Announced. January 8, 2020

Conventional photographs are cool, but aerial photography is even better. It involves taking photos of something that’s totally eye-catching from high above. So, just imagine being Superman and having a camera. To get the right shot, most photographers will use a chopper, balloons, kites, fixed-wing aircrafts, or the more popular option, drones. Some folks will even climb to the very top of a skyscraper in order to get the right shot. So here are 2017’s coolest aerial shots, because everything looks more impressive from a bird’s eye view. So feast your eyes on these beauties and prepare to be blown away.

The Inuit, indigenous people from the Artic regions of Canada and Alaska, believed in the Nanuk, which was a polar bear and the master of bears. The Inuit people worshipped this bear and we can see why. It’s willing and able to traverse two glaciers to get to the other side.

From high above, everything looks peaceful and beautiful, and friendship isn’t limited to just humans. Just look at those two girls on dry land sunbathing in the sand, while two stingray friends are enjoying a swim in the sun.

This skyscraper is located in Moscow, Russia and is 337 meters tall. With its golden glass appearance, the world reflected on the windows looks like it’s in the midst of a sandstorm. In fact, it’s kind of out of this world, don’t you think?

It’s known as the Melissani Lake or the Melissani Cave, and it’s located on the Kefalonia island. It’s basically a cave with a hole and a beautiful lake that you row your boat through. So why climb when you can row, row, row your boat?

In southern Vietnam, you’ll find a network of swamps, islands, and rivers and locals like this woman, who is busy harvesting water lilies in the Mekong Delta. That pond looks so beautiful that it makes you want to wish you were a frog so you can jump on every lily pad.

This bird’s eye view of Dubai proves Heaven really is a place on Earth. This man-made island full of skyscrapers and skylines look positively amazing. It’s nice to see that humanity is capable of creating beautiful things too.

In the province of Bac Lieu in Vietnam, you’ll find exotic things like the salt fields, which are full of rows and squares full of hills of white salt. From above it looks like human ants are crawling out of the center of these glistening salty hills.

From an aerial view, walking to the center of town for some groceries doesn’t seem possible in Alexandria Bay, located between Canada and New York. In this area, water levels rise like crazy, but there’s something quaint and cute about this lovely home in the water.

It’s surf’s up as this Portuguese surfer paddles out across the chilly February waters. From above, he almost looks like just another sea creature making his way across shallow waters. And those foamy tendrils in the water shows how rough the surf is.

From high in the sky, it might seem like those farmers are picking oranges or peaches. But actually, they’re picking marigolds, which are flowers native to North and South America but have become popular in other parts of the world too.

Taking your quad bike for a spin with a group of friends sounds like a lot of fun. But when you’re braving the Namibian sand dunes under a super-hot sun, well, let’s hope those boys brought some water with them.

It’s known as the Mother Road of America and one of the original highways in the country, which existed between 1926 to 1985. Fortunately, these folks took a photo of themselves crossing the historic route in their classic blue Ford Mustang convertible.

While these two scooters seem relatively safe crossing the bridge in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from up above it looks like they’re racing to avoid being engulfed by those waves as they get that much closer to the bridge.

This aerial shot is oh so tropical! All those palm trees, canoes, and beach chairs. It just makes us want to call our travel agent and book a ticket to the Dominican Republic now so we can enjoy the beaches of Punta Cana.

You’d never imagine that it would be possible to sail across a bunch of cracked mud, but that´s exactly what this family is doing on Burke Lake. The surface looks like cracked dry mud, but there are plenty of water to let the boat sail across.

Another aerial view that kind of makes you want to quit your job, and forget about the life you thought you knew. There’s something appeasing about this beautiful hidden beach! You can just hop on a boat and spend your afternoons sipping coconut water, getting mesmerized by the stunning shades of blue in the ocean.

Northern Tanzania is home to the Serengeti National Park, located in the regions of Mara and Simiyu. It is home to wild flora and fauna, such as crocodiles, black rhinos, and hippos. This aerial shot managed to capture a family of these freshwater giants swimming in the water, hoping to cool down their bodies.

Located in the canyon of Olfusa river, in the southwest region of Iceland, this impressive waterfall offers quite an amazing sight of wild, untouched nature. While the scenery is breathtaking on its own, the waterfall’s impressive drop is a sight to be seen. The water plummets down 32 meters through the canyon, making it one incredible spot to photograph. You might even see a rainbow over the falls if you head there on a sunny day!

This stunning aerial view managed to capture the emotional moment a person swam next to a whale that’s so big in comparison, it’s humbling. You can barely see their face, but you can definitely feel their heart pumping.

The beautiful Sveti Stefan Hotel is a fortified village that’s surrounded by turquoise waters, nature, and 15th-century architecture. The unique atmosphere is so hauntingly beautiful, no one would want to check out of that hotel! The serene sea views are enough to tempt anyone into phoning their boss and quitting their job, right then and there.

This staircase leading to one of the most stunning beached in Algarve, Portugal is the perfect place for those who want to go for a little cardio before hitting the water! In all seriousness, imagine how long it’d take to finally get to the beach! You’d definitely be earning those beautiful turquoise sights! But you’d probably need to nap a bit before swimming, after going up those stairs, though.

Rio is known for its wonderful warm beaches, carnivals, scrumptious coxinhas, and their traditional feijoada stew. In this photo, we can appreciate a serene moment of pure relaxation by the water. With nothing but the wind blowing, this woman chillaxes at the beach, most likely waiting for her caipirinha drink.