29 Funny Photos Of Dads Being Dads… #26 Seems Like EVERY Dad.

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Dads can use their power tools for so many things.

Child psychologists often say children learn through play: fathers are a child’s first playmate, toy, ride-along and the coolest friend around. Sure, moms are loving, nurturing, and make sure everything is ok. But dads on the other hand, well, they really get the party going as soon as they get home. Like children, papas are generally fearless and think anything is fair game even if it has the potential to be dangerous; the common expression, “what’s the worst that can happen?” seems to be uttered a lot. Granted, there are clear differences between moms and dads like how dads may be generally more reserved and maybe not as emotional as mothers. However, despite stoic appearances, most dads are marshmallows around their children and even shed a tear or two when their little ones get hurt or experience their first heartbreak. As father’s day approaches, here is a small list of reasons why dads are so great.

This mom was sent this selfie while the kids were supposed to be in piano class.

This cool dad didn't want his child to feel singled out, so he wore a skirt for support.

Emma magazine

No food goes to waste when Dad is around.

Embarrassing a child is part of the job.

This dad likes to keep it light with the kids.

Dad's idea of a hair blow out.

Always willing to share medical updates with friends and family.

Setting an example for his child.

Heroes in training.

This amazing dad who will do whatever it takes.

Dave Engledow

A caring father with a gentle hand.

Always willing to give a lift when needed.

As long as the baby is fed the method is irrelevant.

Staying fit together.

Dave Engledow

Testing new looks for the baby.

Learning to camp together.

Dave Engledow

Dads have a way of having more fun than everyone else during bath time.

Katie Swift

Every mom has been sent a photo like this at one point.

Joining in on make believe play.

Some things never change.

The best way to learn to surf.

Teaching his son to land properly.

Juan Gonzalez

Discussing their next rescue mission.

Teaching military exercises.

That's how the plumber butt was born.

Selfie, Gene Simmons style.

Like father, like son.

Stuart Mackenzie

Having fun when Mom's away.