25 Of The Funniest ‘Who Wore It Better?’ Photos On The Internet.

25 Of The Funniest ‘Who Wore It Better?’ Photos On The Internet. February 17, 2019

It’s hard not to be compared to someone else in this day and age. People get compared to their siblings, to their peers, to their friends, and to strangers all the time. One of the many reasons we may get compared to someone else is our fashion choices. It is not uncommon for two individuals to coincidentally wear the same outfit. But such an incident happening always leaves everyone else with one question: who wore it better? Today we explore that exact question with many different outfits. Who wore the pants better, Justin Bieber or the baby? Who wore the hoodie better, Lil Wayne or E.T.? You be the judge.I never noticed it before, but the Weeknd’s hair really does resemble a black cat!

I’ve always wondered where she drew inspiration from for her dress, now I know.

This is the highlight of the school year.

I think the work on the heater was more precise than Gaga’s dress.

Who forgot to change Justin’s diaper?! Someone change it asap before it gets any droopier.

“I started with indoor architecture, but soon found my destiny in fashion.” – A designer

Who knew that E.T. would one day become a fashion inspiration?

I think I’m going to go with the corn on this one because its hair is moving even without wind.

Is it just me or does the homeless guy not only look handsome but has a better outfit?

This is how upcycling should work. To be fair, she still looks good as a car wash brush.

If I pull out that tissue from the guy’s shirt, will another one appear like a real tissue box?

Looks like we have an undercover Harry Potter fan! You sly girl.

Does she have the power of Greyskull? I think not.

You need both…imagine how much quicker the model is when de-dusting larger areas.

I wonder what his mom said to him…”Go over there and look like a fire hydrant for the camera.”

Grandma? What grandma? I don’t see anything but carpet in this photo.

Can we discuss the fact that she felt moved to model this look in the middle of a supermarket?

Only their mother could tell them apart.

They both make me want to cry for two different reasons.

At least the panini looks appetizing and appealing. Justin just looks… burnt?

If he got rid of his shoes, he would go full on camouflage with the floor.

I think we can all agree here that the cat won. Just look at how fabulous it looks.

You can’t even tell the difference between the two subjects!

They have such similar teeth, could they possibly be related?

All I see is shiny foil in both photos, but that burrito does look pretty tasty.