17 People Who Gave It Their Best Shot At Easter.

17 People Who Gave It Their Best Shot At Easter. March 31, 2020

It’s Easter time! So that means people are gathering their Easter baskets, hiding their eggs, and baking lots of goodies. All over the Internet you can find great ideas on how to make really cute Easter themed crafts and baked goods. Some people nail them on their first try, but others…well, they give it their best try. Check out this list of people that have tried their best, but only get an “A” for effort.But this person made it look more like the hole the bunny lives in, instead of the actual bunny. It looks like they gave up before they got to put the cute little tail on it.

This sure would keep them busy all day, but you might have some angry kids at the end of it all. Better go out and get a pizza and some movies for their trouble.

But not when the child looks like they’re afraid of being killed by the Easter bunny.

But they just made their yard look really creepy. There’s no way we would look for Easter eggs at their house.

But why would anyone put one in a trashcan? Who would even look in there? They can keep that one for themselves.

Maybe that’s what was in the trash can in our last picture.

Grapes are really delicious. But nobody wants to get excited about having a piece of chocolate, only to find out that they were getting grapes, instead.

What was supposed to be a delicious treat, turned into what looks like the aftermath of an exorcism.

They were trying to make an Easter bunny cake, but ended up having a cake with crooked eyes. Where exactly did they go wrong?

Are they planning on decapitating the bunny for Easter dinner? The kids are going to be heartbroken.

That’s why we think it’s best just to stick with Legos.

And Easter isn’t an exception to that. Dads can, and will, make a joke about anything.

But this is exactly what happens when you forget where you hid them.

But this family prankster thought it would be a great idea to hide meatballs. Hopefully, there’s some eggs with some pasta in them. You get to hunt for eggs and enjoy some lunch.

Just write the colors on them. No creativity required.

“I made this Easter egg for my grandmother when I was 8 years old. I turn 33 in a few days.”

The poster said, “she’s too old to be living on her own anymore so she’s moving in with my father. The egg is not welcome in his refrigerator.”

Can you imagine keeping an egg in your fridge for 25 years?

They tried really hard, but they just couldn’t get the job done. They should’ve just started over after burning the cookies.